Indigo Adults and Weird Weather

I have been loving all of the snow we have gotten on the East Coast this winter.

But the last time I headed out to the ski slopes, I found it weird that the light, fluffy stuff was falling despite the temperature being over 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then I came across this podcast, and realized that I am not the only one raising an eyebrow.

There is always a reluctance to post information that we seemingly can’t do anything about but that could instill fear.

FIrst of all, I believe that while indigo adults do experience fear, we have the ability to transcend it easily.

Second, after transcending any emotion reaction, we can us our ability to focus on the desired future to bring it about.

Listening to the podcast about chemtrails and weather only inspired me more to focus on acting in a loving way toward mother earth, and sending energy to her that reflects that.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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