Quick Fix: Raise Your Home’s Vibration with Pyramids For Energy Clearing

I was never very interested in ancient Egyptian culture, which is weird because many indigos that I have known have had a fascination with the gods and pyramids from that period.

I thought the mystery was novel, but because the clarity around aliens has never been cloudy for me, I have just suspected that the technology that they used to build the pyramids was advanced alien-based wisdom and never worried about the how.

But recently, the subject of WHY came up with greater clarity.

I have heard that it is for monitoring the astrology and planetary movements, as well as raising a planet’s vibration.

Kind of like a crystal grid, but for the whole planet.

It was not until I discovered one out-of-print book called The Pyramid: How To Build It, How To Use It | by Les Brown that I really started to play with the idea that pyramids could actually help in my own life.

Making a Greenhouse Pyramid

Back in the 1970s, Mother Earth News wrote an article about a man that built a pyramid shaped greenhouse https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/pyramid-shaped-greenhouse-zmaz77sozgoe/ and how his plants seemed to do better in that greenhouse than in a regular greenhouse.

I would not have believed it if I had not, around the same time, discovered the Les Brown book from the same time that also outlined how to build pyramids to the same effect and to preserve food.

This is when I started to take the whole thing much more seriously.

A Moment to Acknowledge the 1970s and Earlier

I would like to pause for a moment and note that there are other books on Amazon and online that have books about pyramids, but the best one I have found was out of print and almost impossible to find.

This also happened with a Mayo Clinic report I found decades ago about curing cancer with Raw Milk that I believe was written in the 1920s. When I went to look for it again it was gone.

The good information is often hard or hidden or removed from the Internet at this point. We really have to work to piece together (peace together) the valuable discoveries we find that are still available for now.

I had lost the link to the Les Brown book and searched for this book everywhere but could not find it. I ended up purchasing an inferior book on pyramids from the same period from Amazon.

I feel the lack of availability of valuable information on the Internet in 2024 is by design.

If you find something awesome online, save it.

Same thing with real books.

They could be gone or manipulated one day. Many already have been.

Ok, moving on…

The Low Vibe Of Metropolitan Living

Being an empath living in a crowded metro is a challenge…

Being an empath living in a crowded metro with a housemate that is a clutterbug is even more difficult.

As I mentioned in a previous post, life has felt like standing in quicksand.

If I try to struggle free in an overt way, I not only sink faster, and put my well-being at risk.

I have been meditating for years in an effort to cleanse and protect my energy.

I also have been using various amulets and charms as protection and cleansing as well.

All together, this has worked a lot, but stuff still gets in and can cause a ruckus.

Additionally, if the foundation (such as a home, housemates or community one lives in) is out of balance, that is much larger than one’s personal vibration and can really overpower all efforts to have a clean and high vibration.

(I would like to mention here that “high vibration” means peace, flow, ease, grace, appreciation, but is not better than survival needs. The lack of those essences, though, is an indication of a lack of balance throughout an energetic system, and that lack of balance seems to be prevalent in crowded, high population areas that are lacking nature and have dense amount electronics.)

So, in a recent, desperate moment to clear and protect myself from the dense and dark energy of my environment, I decided that crystal pyramids might help.

I did not know what I was looking for, but had read that placing pyramids at the corners of one’s home can help raise the vibration.

That creates a simple crystal grid.

A synchronistic manifestation came into my life (which was easy because I was traveling at the time, and the vibration I was in was much higher than my usual life) I wandered into a metaphysical shop that I had only been to one other time, but remembered that they had a number of very cool crystals.

I did not expect pyramids, but to my delight, they had several choices to select from.

selenite pyramid on table

I decided to choose four selenite pyramids for my grid. They were beautiful, and even one selenite pyramid on its own offered such a soothing and clarifying vibe that I knew that that was the right choice.

(I would like to note that my second choice would have been pyrite pyramids, because it felt extremely grounding to hold these heavy pyramids, but the saleswoman reminded me about the very strong power pyrite has for manifestation and I decided that it makes no sense to manifest in an environment that feels chaotic. It is better to clear that chaos with a crystal like selenite rather than to add to the chaos. I can get the pyrite ones if I manage to jailbreak myself from this situation in the future.)

Placing The Pyramids in the Home

selenite pyramid in my hand

A while back I had placed other items from a psychic in the corners of our basement to have a similar effect, but it did not seem to work.

They were supposed to work on 3 levels of the house, but I didn’t really feel the difference after placing them, and I have to say that the vibration in the house has gotten worse since I placed them over 5 years ago, so I can say strongly that it didn’t work.

This time, with the selenite pyramids, I decided to place them on the first floor… the main floor of the house.

One by the entrance. One in the cupboard with the pots and pans.

selenite pyramid placed in the cupboard with the pots and pans as part of a crystal grid

I could really get into the nooks and crannies of the house because I knew that I would not need to reach for these pyramids for a long while.

Selenite does not need to be cleansed and is often used to cleanse other crystals, so I can really get it into the deep corner of a cupboard and not think about it again.

Set It and Forget It

(If you get a different type of pyramid, you may have to cleanse it periodically. Your intuition will let you know when it needs it.)

Anyway, I placed the pyramids, and despite knowing the power of selenite and the power of pyramids, I did not have much faith that anything would change.

It’s funny, even though I am very sensitive to energy and vibrations and all things of a non-physical nature, I am also very cynical about them.

I said this to an energy healer the other day and she said that it is probably because there are charlatans out there, and I have had my fair share of experiences with them, as well as with so-so devices, like the energy clearing stones that I placed in the basement +5 years ago, so I guess I am willing to try stuff, but wary about getting my hopes up for results.

The True Test of Transformation

One indication of a low vibration in the house is a lot of arguing happening amongst the members of the household.

Other indicators are physical and mental distress, but not for any reason… Like not because of a tough workout or bumping into something or a losing a job.

Just a general feeling of malaise, both physically and mentally, with no indication for the cause.

These were some of the characteristics of our household that I have been living with for a long time.

The cure was to do a deep clutter clearing and to apply feng shui (I like this program) but because the space is not my own and the other member of the household kind of thrives on chaos emotionally, I have just had to live with it and focus on my vibration.

So it was interesting when I placed the four selenite crystal pyramids… one in each corner of the house… and immediately felt a clarity that I have NEVER felt in the house.

But you know me, I am sensitive to this stuff.

And I considered the placebo effect as well.

I knew I had placed the crystal grid.

But how would my housemate react?

There were many indications from my housemate that the pyramid grid had worked.

In the days that followed the pyramid placement, I found that my housemate, the clutterbug, started to initiate deep decluttering and for the first time started to make an effort to leave some open counter and table space.

Her mental clarity improved a bit, and my mental clarity improved as a result (being an empath, that has been a challenge in itself).

We both became more effective at completing tasks. I guess you would call that an ability to focus. Before the pyramids, projects would be started, left out because they would not be completed, the projects would never be returned to, but the materials would stay out, adding to the clutter, and then that created a sense that the mundane tasks and projects of the home were constantly oppressing both of our freedom and weighing heavy on our minds and hearts.

Finally, the most important indication that the pyramid grid worked is that we are fighting less and we both feel better emotionally.

We are having more conversations that include true connection and communication rather than high emotional arguments with a lot of hyperbole and not much true content.

The conversations are now deep, clear and mostly with compassion.

We are also laughing together more and having more fun.

Tips for Buying and Placing Pyramids

Even though this is just a personal account of my experience of placing a pyramid grid in the home to raise the vibration, not a scientific one, I must say that I felt a difference in myself and noticed a difference within the household.

I would recommend that if you decide to try placing your own pyramid grid, that you try to find them in your local metaphysical shop so that you can handle them and see if they feel good, rather than buy online.

I will, of course, offer links to items that I think would work similar to my pyramids, but it is always best when selecting crystals to get your hands on them before buying them.

Here are small selenite pyramids. And here are large selenite pyramids.

There should be a connection with you and the crystals you buy, and you probably can feel it even with purchasing on the internet if you are really sensitive empath, but I prefer the tactile experience of touching the crystals and stones I buy.

TIP: I also have read that one of the flat sides of the pyramid should be facing due north.

I have not worried about that. Maybe I should. But for us, it does not seem to make a difference.

TIP: I have read that the angle of the pyramid is important, meaning that it should have the same angles as the Egyptian Pyramids for them to really have the pyramid power that works to truly offer healing positive energy.

This is because it is believed that sacred geometry and structures with the golden ratio, which are found everywhere in nature, have particular vibrations and these golden ratio vibrations can have a positive effect.

This is not just a woo woo thing. Leonardo DaVinci and other scientifically minded people were also into sacred geometry.

I have tried to honor the concept as well, but I did not feel it was something to get crazy about the first time I placed these pyramids.

But, to be honest, I never measured the exact angles, so they may not be exhibiting the golden ratio.

But I feel that the basic shape of a pyramid, if you meditate on it, it has this wonderful base that one would think would have a grounding energy for the item, and that the point at the top not only focuses all of that grounded energy, but that the angles within these triangles would be able to draw in and reconfigure the energy to a higher vibration.

This is what I see when I look at these pyramids. It may be different for you.

What I love most about this is that it doesn’t take hours to set up and no elaborate rituals are required. Tremendous energy healing of the space can take place in a simple act that takes less than a half-hour.


The positive energy these crystal pyramids have brought into the house have been tremendous.

I am now fascinated with pyramid power and am figuring out how I can place more for an even greater effect.

If you decide to try a crystal pyramid grid (or have already tried it), please let me know if you feel any difference. Did anything healing occur? Did you notice an increase in positive energy?

Please comment below.


The Pyramid: How To Build It, How To Use It | by Les Brown

Here are small selenite pyramids. And here are large selenite pyramids.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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