Empowering Indigo Adults since 2009!

This site was created in 2009 to help indigo adults, empaths and other magikal beings, find their way back to themselves through the interpretation life seen as energetic or vibrational.

And by understanding and working with the energy/vibration in their lives, we, as indigo adults, will help bring heaven on earth to those that choose that. To those that learn to focus enough to bring that reality into being.

There are a lot of sites that give characteristics of an indigo adult or indigo child, and then run through a detailed list or provide a test to take.

After keeping this site for a number of years, I think I can narrow down the Indigo Adult Test and simplify it.

Here’s my version:

    1. Do you KNOW that there is an unseen world of energy and vibration? You may not know how to work with it deliberately, but you were born here with this knowledge?

    2. Are you driven to a world vision of peace and well-being for planet Earth, all beings that call earth home and the universe in general?

If you answered yes to those two questions, then, yes, I do think you are an indigo adult.

That being said, this is purely based in opinion. This is me – Indigo Leslie’s – space to ruminate about such things and ideally create a sharing environment in which we can learn from each other.

After working on this site for several years, I have realized that there are 3 categories in which most of my writing for this site is based.

    1. Articles about the energetic/vibrational world

    2. Articles about how to walk more comfortably in the Earthly physical realm as someone who is acutely sensitive to energy/vibration.

    3. Personal stuff going on in my world that I think relates to the first two topics.

My intention is to create a sharing community where we can exchange knowledge, opinions and observations and thereby improve our abilities.

I encourage comments and do my best to get back to them in a timely manner. Sometimes it takes me a while (that’s the Earthly part I’m still learning to balance) but I do my best and eventually I do respond.

I do filter comments, mostly so that I know which ones I have responded to, and will post all comments as long as they are not spam or flaming. My opinion has been shifted by many of the comments on here that pointed out a different perspective than my own. Those are my favorite comments because they make me think. Please be respectful, though. I’m sure many of us can ‘feel’ the energy on emails, websites, comments, etc, even if the words don’t imply such a vibration.

Here are some helpful pages to get you started:

Meditation 1: Clear Energy/Feel Better FAST: This will help you clean your energy field in about 10 minutes. If you do it every day and night for an extended amount of time, you will start to recognize what is yours and what belongs to others, the collective around you, locations, etc. Very helpful.

Meditation 2: Call Back Your Energy: Indigo adults and empaths not only pick up and carry around other people’s energy, but also tend to “rub off” on others, especially in times of stress, when drinking alcohol, during sex, exhaustion, etc… This can leave the indigo adult/empath feeling drained and scattered. After meditation 1 is complete, it is helpful to do this meditation. I find that I don’t need to do this as often as Meditation 1, but it helps when I do do it. Probably once a week is good.

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Thank you for reading!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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