My First Steps Toward Grounding My Energy

In my last post, I mentioned the exercise of Push Hands as a way to see how solidly connected one is to the earth.
The cultivation of power using forms like Tai Chi and Qi Gong allows the user to become more grounded and also to be able to move in a way that is strong and yet react instantaneously to a force that wants to knock one down.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that in real life, not just in the Push Hands exercise?
Much of what we pick up on and can do as Indigo Adults deals with the higher chakras and the non-physical energy of life.
This can be very valuable because non-physical energy is really the origin of all things.
But if that energy is not grounded, it lacks the power to be effective.
If you think of a dandelion seed that floats in the breeze…
It can only grow a new dandelion if it lands on the ground.
In the same way, our ideas and intentions can really only grow when we are also strongly rooted in our lower chakras in a balanced way.
The balanced way means that we are not excessively living from that space, as many non-intuitive, non-indigo people do.
Nor do we cut ourselves off (consciously or unconsciously) from the lower chakras, considering them to be not as spiritual as our higher chakras.
Also, for me, it is just more comfortable to sit in a room and meditate all day than to do the task or take action.
I love flow and manifestation.
It shows I am on the right path and my intentions are clear.
But it also can cause a tendency to sit around and wait for stuff.
This is not always effective, especially if everyone around you is living from the lower chakras.

Receiving a Reiki Healing

Last summer I was feeling particularly lost and went to a healer for reiki.
She made clear that good things were on the way and that I was aligned with where I wanted to go, but that I was not grounded enough to catch it.
She was starting a class that helped students to understand and balance their chakras on their own and she invited me to it.
I was going to take it, but because shifting the chakras can create a lot of outward change in one’s life and I already felt like I was standing in the hurricane that was my life, I did not need to create more shifts that would only stress me out more, even if they were good for me.
The speed and intensity of upgrading the function of all of my chakras would be too much in my physical life to do a deep dive in 6 weeks with this reiki master, so I decided to just do a deep dive one at a time, starting with the root chakra.

Root Chakra and Physical Needs

Without getting into the details of my life, my root chakra functions fairly well but there is a disconnect that I cannot tell is major or not.
I have strong stability in the root area, except that stability comes from one source and that source is often chaotic and ungrounded.
I liken it to building a house on quicksand… Very slow quicksand.
With a life built on quicksand, you may not notice you are sinking all the time, but when you suddenly realize you are in up to your knees, there is a moment of panic and the realization that maybe not everything is as okay as one thought.
That is what my life feels like right now.
And, just like quicksand, rash moves only make the situation worse.
A powerful yet gentle, transformational approach is what is needed.

James Seriph Root Chakra Class


Now, six months later, I am finding myself revisiting this course, and that is what prompted this post.
I feel that this is an area that most indigo adults should be working at regularly because while we are powerful in our psychic awarenesses and abilities, we also need that to be rooted in the tangible world.

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

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