About The Indigo Adults


The original intention of The Indigo Adults website was to assist those that were just discovering their abilities and asking, “What is an Indigo Adult and am I one of them?”

This site’s ongoing focus is to help indigo adults and indigo children hone their abilities and awarenesses so that they are accurate (in terms of tuning into to accurate intuitive information and feelings) and so that they can use the information in a practical way for themselves and for the world.

You are in the right place if you can answer any of these questions with a “Yes”.

  • Are you an Indigo Adult?


  • Have you had “weird” experiences throughout your life?


  • Do you have abilities that you can’t explain?


  • Do you have awarenesses of things, people, places or the future?


  • And all of these characteristics come to you as naturally as breathing, but when you explain it to other people they sometimes think it is freaky or they don’t believe you.


  • Have others tried to minimize your awarenesses as coincidence or that you are making it up?


  • Did you just find out you might be an indigo child or indigo adult (or crystal child, or rainbow child)?


  • Or are you wondering if your children are indigo children?


  • Or are you very familiar with being indigo and are just looking for new information, connections with other indigos, and resources to hone your abilities that are relevant to both the spiritual level of existence as well as the physical reality of life on Mother Earth?


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If so, this is a good place to begin finding information.

It is also to acknowledge that the energetic reality of things is very REAL and to bring that into the awareness for more people (regardless of whether they are indigo or not) so that that can be used as a positive force in this world.

Everything is connected and a lot of indigos feel this on a visceral level.

Because this is a big part of being indigo, this is discussed a lot on this site.

And if more and more people understand this (both indigo and non-indigos), more people could contribute to a better world for everyone through their thoughts and intentions and start to see the connections between the energetic intention and the physical reality it is shifting.

It is important that people know that thought and feeling vibrations have an impact on the physical world and the outcome of events (both large world events and small day to day moments in life).

From there we (as a community on this planet) can collaborate as a collective energy and with a collective intention, to create a positive synchronistic flow for all that serves all beings and the wellness of the planet and the universe.

Or not… This is about your free will and you can choose to contribute your energy however it feels best to you, indigo.

So on an individual level, this site is here for the individual indigo adult to walk on planet earth in a way that feels good to the individual on all levels of being, including energetic, and to understand his or her gifts better.

But on a larger level, it is to relate energetic awarenesses and connections between the energetic and the physical so that both indigos and non-indigos can start to look at patterns in their own world between these two realms and eventually make conscious choices that bring about the best outcome for themselves and (ideally) all their relations.

When there is balance in the energetic realm and within individuals, balance is possible within the world.

Balance is life affirming, honoring of all beings, supportive of wellness and health and joy and abundance (true abundance, not the out of balance abundance that is marketed as success on this planet as of this writing) on a variety of levels, and recognizes that everything is part of a holistic system, and therefore, significant.

The Indigo Adults website is here to encourage the health and balance of indigo adult and thereby the health and balance of the planet.

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About Indigo Leslie

“I have been writing The Indigo Adults since 2009 with the intention of helping other indigo adults and indigo children, many of whom are sensitive to energy. I want to help them understand their abilities and get better at using their sensitivity to benefit themselves and, if they choose, to bring positive change in the world.”

Despite being raised Catholic and in the concrete jungle of New York, Indigo Leslie’s earliest questions regarding spirituality usually related to why no one conversed with the nature spirits that could offer love, support, guidance and messages if people were willing to listen.

For her 16th birthday, her friends initiated her lifelong study into The Mysteries by gifting her almost entirely from a local New Age shop called Transformations.

She knew she was home and shortly after that discovered the phenomenon of Indigo Children and realized that she was one.

Her studies of herself and her abilities continue to this day.

She started https://theindigoadults.com in 2009 to help other indigos and energetic senstives on the spiritual path and on the path toward creating a universe that works well and feels good for all beings.

Her intention is to help those that know they have gifts that are not acknowledged in a world that only concerns itself with physical reality and to continue to grow the awareness of this planet toward the reality of non-physical energy and vibration.

And by guiding other indigo in their abilities and empowerment, it brings about a kinder, balanced, healthy world that would benefit all beings, the planet, and the universe.

She is a healer, a massage therapist and has been working with essential oils and herbs since she was a teenager.

She believes that all religions have the wisdom to teach and has studied them all, and believes that Thoreau got it right!


“An indigo that has harnessed his or her abilities is a powerful being in ALL realities.”

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