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Indigo Adults Book Review: Eufeeling

Upon quick glance, Eufeeling seems like just a rehash of transcendental meditation.

You sit quietly and ponder nothingness.

Been there. Done that.

The first part of the book had me saying, “Is that it?” many times over.

But having committed to this book for the Indigo Adult Book Club for March, and also having the book in audio form from Audible, allowed me to explore the material several times before forming my impressions.

It turns out that Eufeeling IS different than trancendental meditation.

While TM makes you TRY to clear your mind of thoughts, the book Eufeeling gives you an easy way to actually do that.

By ‘trying’ to clear thoughts in TM, that becomes an effort of the ego, which actually can take you away from the state you are seeking to achieve with the meditation.

Eufeeling and Quantum Entrainment (Kinslow’s method of getting to Eufeeling) has no effort connected to it. Only observation and delightful interest in where the mind is going.

Strangely enough, this works infinitely better than the efforting or focusing involved with TM.

If you give this method a try, I think you will have the same experience as me.

The first time I tried QE/Eufeeling, I was following the instructions but part of my mind was wondering, “Am I doing this right?”

When that thought and all other thoughts went away, I suddenly felt a shift in my body and energy. It felt like I was vibrating with ripples of electricity.

And then I just started to smile. Like something within me, from my chest, slowly rose to my face and a smile slowly emerged while I felt completely centered.

It felt like me and it felt like I had an awareness of everything in the universe at the same time.

This book relates to the other books in a few prominent ways.

Like Slow Sex, Eufeeling breaks the process of meditation down into its most simple experience, thereby uncluttering the experience and getting a purer reaction.

the way Eufeeling discusses the ego is the most clear distinction about that topic I have ever read.

I really like that ego is not completely demonized in this book, as it is in many other books on spirituality, but that it works in partnership with Eufeeling/non-ego/collective awareness.

Being You, Changing the World did not get into ego, but allowed the space for the wisdom beyond the ego to enter one’s consciousness through use of open ended questions that were not meant to be answered. (Questions like, “What else is possible?”)

I have found that I still ask the questions when I am in a less meditative state, but that being in Eufeeling does not require questions to be asked because the emptiness/fullness/oneness of that state inherently creates the perfect questions.

Still, much of the book was used to describe using the QE/Eufeeling technique for manifestation.

This was a bit more challenging in practice because it felt like the thinking involved with the manifesting contradicted with the Eufeeling state of being.

I have not noticed any of my deliberate manifestations I focused on during a QE/Eufeeling session come to pass, but I have found things that I had briefly pondered and casually desired flow into my life within a day.

Being in Eufeeling actually works nicely with the meditation for manifesting presented in Being You, Changing the World, and is a nice reminder that it is always good to do manifesting work when one is in a quiet and positive state.

Finally and most importantly, I absolutely LOVE the last chapter in this book!

Many people have heard about the peaceful effect that TM can have on large cities when many people are meditating at the same time.

Kinslow mentions this experiment, but only to show how world peace is easily attainable through a few thousand people meditating at the same time.

See, making a goal of world peace is ego driven and therefore creates separation of the being. Ultimately, there will be a divergence in how to “do” world peace. (or even familial peace or peace in a work environment). In contrast, by simply maintaining oneness with the self, it will reflect into the world, first on an individual level, and then globally in a gentle fashion.

Just like Dr. Heer and myself, Kinslow mentions the presence of Trancenders (“horse people” in Dr. Heer’s book and “Indigos” on my site.)

I believe our roll as indigo adults on this planet is to lead the experience this oneness which will bring all of those things that we have been asking for on this planet automatically into the physical, if it is in our best interests (both individually and globally).

I believe that the book Eufeeling gives indigo adults and non-indigos the tools to do that, and the Hundredth Monkey Effect described in Dr. Heer’s book is more specifically defined and described by Kinslow.

Ending the book on an optimistic note, Kinslow states that only approximately 6000-7000 people being in oneness vibration through the Eufeeling technique are required to create global peace in a gentle and natural way that flows from the oneness. He gets into the science of N Squared, offering science to back up his claim.

It is my interpretation that with 7000 people experiencing Eufeeling/Oneness, no effort needs to be made for every being in the world to shift to the same feeling.

The ramifications of this alignment in the energetic world would create powerful, yet gentle and supportive ripples throughout the universe, especially here on our planet.

Therefore, I will be starting a monthly meditation group for those that want to participate in this Eufeeling experiment. I will write more about that in my next post.

In the meantime, next month (April 2014) we will actually be reading two short books that I feel work particularly well together (and also works well after reading Eufeeling).

1. How To Gain Wealth With Just One Word (Read this one first.)

2. Happy Money (Increase the Flow of Money with a Simple 2-Step Formula) (Read this one next)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: For more information on the Quantum Entrainment, Eufeeling and Dr. Kinslow, please you can visit There are free meditations and download on this page, and if you are interested in additional books, here are some links to his books:





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