An Invitation to Meditate in Euefeeling for Indigo Adults

Oh My Goodness!

In my last post, I said that I was going to set up a monthly meditation group and I have barely had the time to post.

When my life was in a different form I was much more capable at accomplishing things that required me to show up on particular times and dates, and I also had much more privacy and less chaos than I do now.

I’m not judging the chaos. I actually think this chaos is necessary for me to rearrange my world into something better without holding on to too much and not allowing it.

My point in writing this is that taking a month to write this next post has been a combination of the current chaos in my life, and my hesitancy to asserting “Let’s all be here at this specific time and date” and knowing that the current chaos in my life might prevent me from showing up.

However, it doesn’t mean that other indigo adults can’t energetically come together to practice Eufeeling/Quantum Entrainment.

I am going to schedule it for Tuesday, May 7 at 2pm – 2:15pm (QE and Eufeeling don’t take that long, especially if you have been practicing).

Why that time and date?


I pendulum tested it that that’s the time and date that gave me a “Yes”.

And I figure that 15 minutes is a good amount of time. If you can only come for 5 minutes that is fine.

This will not be a meeting on Skype or anything. This is just a practice of the last chapter of the book Euefeeling.

Kinslow states that if a portion of a population are in an elevated state through meditation (like his state of Eufeeling), the square root of that population will have an effect on the total population, as is determined by the N-Squared Effect.

So by simply going to that place on your own, but while others are there, the effects will be squared.

“When two or more are gathered together, their influence is squared,” states Kinslow. So two people doing Quantum Entrainment will actually have 4 people in that state. 4 people practicing QE / Eufeeling will have 16 people vibrating in that state.

So right now, that’s what we are aiming for. Ideally, the outcome of that will be peace.

On a tiny scale, while my life is challenging to schedule now, putting into practices the lessons of the books we have been reading since January through the Indigo Adult Book Group has made a vast improvement on both my inner and outer life. HUGE.

So I feel that it would interesting to see it on a larger scale, if only within our own community but possibly effecting even a grander state.

Who knows? But what a wonderful experiment!

Depending on how it goes, we may move to Skype or partner up or something else…

Suggestions welcome – please write them below.

I will do my best write a reminder post as May 7 approaches, but before then, I will be posting the write up for this month’s books and announcing the book for May.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: I will be in Sedona, AZ for a week in May. Should I organize a little gathering? Or a big gathering? 🙂

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