Indigo Adults, Manifestation and Spiritual Abundance

There is a great blog that I have been reading for several months and I would like to share it with you.

It is called How to Raise Your Vibration. Perfect for indigo adults looking for guidance on raising their vibration and staying spiritually centered in the midst of a lot of potential ruckus (planetary, physical, energetic, etc). 🙂

Here is a link to a great post about the link between the heart chakra and true spiritual abundance.

This has become a particularly significant topic for me at this point in my life because I graduated visual effects school this past weekend and I am embarking on my job search.

I have prayers of intentions that I have been saying for the past year in regards to the work I will be doing after I graduate. The intention is,

“I intend to be open to my perfect career path. I am led to something that feeds my soul, makes me lots of money, and gives me freedom, and I am excellent at what I do.”

Notice that I didn’t request a specific position or industry (like visual effects).

Sure, I have ideas of what my perfect position is. I have a lot of ideas of what my perfect position is, ranging from visual effects compositor to ski instructor.

In the past, I would have written down the intention of the specific position every day.

But today I don’t do that. Because I have learned that often the universe knows better than I do. I set general intentions for how I want to feel and let the universe guide me from there.

Because one year ago, when I was busy manifesting visual effects school in a very specific manner (including the specific school and graduation date), I was not stopping to think that maybe the universe had a better plan of goodness for me and my abilities.

In retrospect, I think the universe DID have a better plan for me than the one I was writing every day, but I forced my vision so strongly that I didn’t let the universe bless me with a plan that would have been much more joyful and productive.

I don’t have any regrets, because right now I am only speculating on things that I will never know for sure. Who knows if another road would have been more joyful or productive?

By going to visual effects school, I now have new and powerful capabilities in the entertainment industry, an industry that I already know and love.

But this school was not a pleasant experience. No matter how much I focused on the positive, the focus would almost always return to the dark when I was connecting with the energy of this school, mostly because this was an environment where those living in love and light and joy (my natural state) were abused until they were in darkness with everyone else, especially by the administration. Or the students that resonated with love and light would quit school completely, rather than be dragged down to the darkness.

There are many spiritual lessons here for me. The first was that I MUST listen to my instinct and signals from the universe, which I usually do, but didn’t in this instance.

The writing was on the wall and there were clear indications of the vibration of this school in the midst of my application and interview process, and especially the first few days in classes, but blinded my my ambition, I ignored the signs.

The second is that by writing this goal in a VERY SPECIFIC way (specific school, graduation date, etc), I did bring it to manifestation, but I believe I could have spent the last 15 months learning what I learned in a much better way. With greater pleasure and flow. And ultimately with greater understanding of my craft.

And when I did get signs that I should leave, the power of the manifestation (by writing it daily) was stronger than my power to change things in the present, once I had seen and felt that it was a manifestation I didn’t want. I set it in stone by writing it every day and therefore could not change it.

So now my intentions are written down in a very general fashion.

And I don’t do it everyday because that can be arduous, and that feeling of arduousness transfers into the manifestation, as the last 15 months have proved.

I hope this wisdom has helped you in your own manifestations.

Do you have a favorite method or ritual for how you bring your desires to manifestation? What has worked for you? What has not? I would love to hear how other indigo adults go about their inner spiritual work.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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