How are Indigo Adults Feeling This Week?

indigo_adults_brainSo how has this week been treating you?

It’s been hard to decipher what has been affecting me… It could be all of the astrological ruckus I wrote about last week, or it could be that I’m ending a very long and arduous period of my life.

Either way, this week has been pushing me towards SLEEP.

I normally run on about 7 hours of sleep, but this week 8-10 hours doesn’t even seem like enough, so I’ve been napping half way through my day.

I don’t normally get headaches, but I had the second bad one this week. If we are going through an energetic planetary shift, it has been said that there is an awakening that takes place in regards to the pituitary/pineal glands, which are located pretty much in the center of the skull.

I’m doing my best to distill the water I drink, since the fluoride in the water can slow down the shift in the body.

Here are a few links about fluoride and health:

I will continue to monitor myself, but I’m not going to write about this for many more weeks because I feel like there are a ton of sites by inutitives that have been watching the earth-shifts for YEARS and their posts are pretty repetitive. Sometimes they are interesting, but a lot of the time it is the same stuff said a different way.

So my advice for those of you who may be feeling the planetary effects right now is to sleep a lot.

Any other indigo adults notice anything like what I described? Strong exhaustion? Headaches? If nothing then that’s great. Hopefully you are in that space you can help the rest of us ground, center, and feel better.

Honestly, the solar flares in March took a much harder toll on me, but feeling tired has made me rearrange my schedule to sleep more.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “How are Indigo Adults Feeling This Week?”

  1. Peace and Blessings to you Indigo Leslie. I have experienced the same kind of exhaustion for the past 5-10 days, fortunately no headaches. I’m taking power naps even in my office when I can, to rejuvenate. I thought I was staying up too late watching Olympic coverage, thanks for giving me the real reason why!

    I miss the moon, too many nights of no-moon. I search nightly with no luck. I feel distant and sad, but struggle daily to muster up the inner energy to stay positive. Some days it works better than others. Lots of negative and darkness closing in on me lately, I’ve been successful in fending it off, but feeling exhausted at the amount of energy being used to accomplish the goal. My solution has been solitude and isolation. Lots of heart fluttering lately, almost to the point of shortness of breath- I haven’t felt this much since my Dad died, 2007.

    Many troubles in my life have become crystal clear lately, clarity is all around me in everything.


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