2 Effective Energy Clearing Exercises to help Indigo Adults During the Holiday Season




The holiday season can throw sensitive indigo adults into places and situations that they would not take themselves under normal circumstances. For that reason, it is particularly important to be diligent about clearing one’s energy during this season.

Yesterday morning I found myself in a mall, and at first I actually found the experience pleasant.

I saw happy families lined up to sit with Santa, smelled the delicious food court offerings, and admired some of the pretty clothing styles of the season.

But after about 20 minutes I felt like I was walking through molasses.

I was absolutely exhausted in a way that I have not felt for a long time.

I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before, I was well fed and hydrated, I had my Personal Rejuvenizer on (perfect example of when the Indoor Rejuvenizers would enhance the effectiveness of the Personal Rejuvenizer), and I had cleansed and shielded my energy that morning.

But malls seem to have the stickiest energy of all the places with which I come in contact, especially during the holiday season, which is why I usually avoid them.

I have a page about clearing energy that has been up since this site was created and that I still feel is quite effective, but here are two more to give you extra support during the holidays, courtesy of the Facebook group How To Raise Your Vibration, which I have recommended in the past.

I usually do these two back-to-back in the order presented below. I always do this short meditation at night. Sometimes I do it in the morning if I feel I need it.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


Mantra to Strengthen Your Energy Fields:
Visualize the Light as You State the Mantra

The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me
The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me
The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me


1. Move your consciousness above your head and connect with the Creator.

2. Make the command: “Creator of All That Is, It is commanded for all cords that are negative and draining my energy be cut from my being and taken to your light to be transmuted into love. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.” SHOW ME.

3. Observe yourself above your head looking down at your entire being. Look for the gray cords. They may be located anywhere on your body…concentrate on all chakra areas~ especially the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra.

4. Visualize Gods hand coming into your energy field with a pair of scissors to cut the cords or you could ask the Creator to send to you Archangel Michael and his sword of light to cut the cords.

5. Visualize the cords being cut. Whatever you visualize is perfect for you. Some people even see God pushing a lawn mower over their body….it doesn’t matter. Whatever you see is perfect for you and is bringing your intention and co-creative powers forward to create what you want in this reality.

6. Once all the cords are cut watch them rise up out of your energy field or be taken by the Creators hand up above your head through the column of light that connects you to Creator of All That Is in a higher dimension. Watch them fall into the Creators dimension of pure platinum, white sparkly light.

7. Command for the Creators Love and Light to fill your entire being especially where the cords were cut. Observe yourself as the Creators light fills your being.

8. Give thanks and know that is done.

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