Phyillis Light’s Indoor Rejuvenizers and Circuit Rejuvenizer Clear an Old House

Old_house_Clearing_EnergyIt was 1am on a Saturday night in mid-October.

I was alone in my parent’s house on a couch in the den. Saturday Night Live just went off, but I wasn’t paying attention to the television.

Tears had been streaming down from my eyes for the last half hour.

At the time, I could not pinpoint why I was crying. There was no specific reason.

The intuitive indigo adult side of me knew that this emotion was not originating from me… it was something I was picking up on in a psychic and intuitive way. But where from? I didn’t know.

This scene took place one week before Hurricane Sandy hit.

One day later I was safely in Ohio and able to think clearly. My greatest interest was to understand the emotion upset I had experienced the prior week, and how I could prevent it when I returned to New Jersey.

At first I thought I was keying into future emotional upset Sandy would cause in the collective in the following weeks after the storm passed, because I had a similar emotional episode in the weeks prior to 9/11.

But the emotional connection I had before 9/11 continued after the event. This has not been true with Sandy, except when I am looking at pictures of the damage and listening to stories about those that were very effected by the storm.

So what else could it be?

In the midst of my week in Ohio during the storm, I recognized that I could not go back to my parents’ house if I did not figure out what was going energetically at my parent’s house. No amount of shielding or cleansing helped while I was in that emotional space because I felt quite overwhelmed by the chaotic energy I could feel.
indigo child-watching-television-silhouette
I remembered that I I had never felt fully comfortable or safe in the house. My family moved to this house from New York City when I was in kindergarten, and I actually felt safer and happier in New York, even though one would think it would be more challenging in the city for an empathic child.

As I got older, I thought it was an issue of poor feng shui (like too much clutter), and I did my best to improve the situation. I had attempted to shift the energy in this house for YEARS with very little change. I tried everything, like house blessings, salt, salt water, sage, incense, visualizations, feng shui, and beyond, but eventually the solution became spending at little time as possible in the house and then moving out.

But returning to my childhood home has placed an urgency in understanding and clearing this low vibrational energy. The goal is to replace that vibration with energy that gives a happy, loving, healthy life for the inhabitants.

My intuition lead me to contact Phyllis Light, the woman who created the Personal Rejuvenizer, which I have worn non-stop since ordering it a year ago.

Phyllis came to mind because she also has Indoor Rejuvenizers that help improve the energy of living spaces, which we had spoken about when I met her at the Freedom Health Expo in Chicago last May.

Because I experienced such a dramatically positive shift from the Personal Rejuvenizer (which I bought last fall), I thought she might be able to help me.

Phyllis told me that my instincts were correct and that the house had some negative elements to it, and that the Indoor Rejuvenizer would help that. She also recommended the Circuit Rejuvenizer because that helps with the EMFs in the house.


When she originally told me I should get all of this, I wondered why I would need it if I had the Personal Rejuvenizer, which I wear as a pendant all the time and never take off.

But after I got back to the house and felt the difference from the Indoor Rejuvenizer it became clear: The Personal Rejuvenizer helps me with my own stuff – the stuck issues, the germs I come in contact with, the EMFs from the cell phone I hold, The computer I sit at for several hours each day…

But I am still an intuitive indigo adult and empath, and no matter I clean I keep myself energetically, I am still open to getting dirty if I am in an energetically dirty environment.

Let’s say I am wearing white jeans. If I am going to a dance club and will never be sitting down, except for when I sit in the impeccably clean limo that brought me there, then I am going to stay clean. But if I decide to take my dog to the muddy dog run, then I’m going to have a set of very dirty white jeans afterwards.

The reason I have spent the last few weeks writing about belongings is because in the house I am in right now, the stuff comes with a history and a heaviness that is unmistakable to those sensitive to the energy.

This energy, in addition to what has inhabited the house, probably since the 20’s, was a bit tough to handle on the energetic side.

I feel the Indoor Rejuvenizer is making all of the heavy, yucky energy that is connected with the stuff keep to itself so that it only engages me if I deliberately connect with the energy (which I do as I decide whether to get rid of the item.) I feel that the depression era energy of the home has completely lifted.


Upon returning home, I was ready to face the worst energetically. I envisioned that the joy and empowerment I had experienced on the road the past week would be extinguished by the bleak energy of the house.

The first night the despair returned. I was overcome with a feeling of hopelessness that was very similar to the Saturday night I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

But to my surprise, I was fine the next night. And the night after that.

During the first week after my return, my family and I laughed more than we had in a long time.

That was almost one month ago, and I am somewhat astounded at how joyful a group of people we are. We have been jovial and calmly communicative and it has felt wonderful.

Additionally, the overstuffed house doesn’t bother me any longer. Neither does the angry discourse from political media. My food sensitivities have gone down and my thinking is clearer.

I love having feelings of gratitude and since the Rejuvenizers have been placed, I am finding my capacity for gratitude has grown and this emotion is always at the forefront of my emotional body. I am frequently reconnecting with that feeling of gratitude throughout the day, which is something I have not experienced living in Flagstaff, Arizona three years ago.

Finally, I really just wanted to let go of MY OWN outdated belongings, but lately everyone in the house is starting to let go stuff. These are things that served us well but are ready to be recirculated so that others can enjoy them and the house feels much clearer with these things gone.

To sum up: I just FEEL BETTER… better than I have EVER felt in this living space. Even my dog seems happier and more relaxed!

In fact, I have caught myself thinking, “And all this time I thought it was me.” I thought that because I am charged differently as an indigo, I was churning up the status-quo low-vibration that has been here for a century. I’m very glad to learn that that is not the case and that it was something outside of me.

I give 100% credit to the Indoor Rejuvenizer and the Circuit Rejuvenizer for this phenomenally awesome shift and I will never live in another space without them.

If you have any questions about what I have written or desire more descriptions about experiences, please PM me or leave a message below.

Here is the link to Phyllis Light’s Rejuvenizers, in case you’d like to try it out for yourself.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: TOTAL DISCLOSURE: I have become an affiliate for Phyllis Light’s products. You probably can tell that I don’t promote a lot of products, but I am promoting Phyllis Light’s Rejuvenizers. I love her work and believe in the benefit of her tools and healings 100%. I have seen the wonderful change it has had on my family and me, and want to share this with other indigo adults that are sensitive to energy because I believe these devices will help. If you do get a Rejuvenizer (or several… I have three different kinds), please let me know about your experience. I would love to hear how you and your loved ones have benefited from them.

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