Hi Indigo Adults!

My first entry is going to be about food, because that’s what I’m thinking about today. 

Of course I’m thinking about it in relation to the spiritual and energetic aspects of it, which is why I’m posting it here, at The Indigo Adults.

In the future I will get into the whys and hows and whos of this site, but today I’m writing about food in relation to location and energy.

Every location/city has an energy.  It’s unique to itself, though it can shift depending on who is part of that collective.

For example, my cousin lives in Venice, CA and he says that the folks that have been there a while claim that Venice “changes” approximately every 7-8 years.  I haven’t checked my facts, but this is approximately the amount of time someone lasts in LA before they realize they are being energetically shit upon.  That’s how long it took me, at least.

Anyhoo, Venice’s “vibe” or energetic changes.

But here I am, jumping between Sedona and Flagstaff.   This is a very interesting phase of my life because these two places are so distinct in their energetic/collective that to switch between them, often several days in a row, has come to be quite jarring for me. 

I eat raw food when I’m in Sedona.  It meshes well with the collective there as things and people seem to be much more in the ethereal dimensions.  This does not mean it is better or worse than being in more grounded dimensions, it just is what it is.

Oh, and I always find a lot of indigo adults there. Or at least a lot of people who understand indigos.  But more about that in later posts…

So this first entry is to say “eat appropriately for where you live.”  Being more of the spiritual type, indigo adults often gravitate toward cleanses and more veggie lifestyle.  And that’s what we seem to be told to do. 

But the thing is that I get violently ill when I eat a predominantly raw diet while up in Flagstaff, just like I get quite ill eating foods with lots of chemicals and additives when I’m down in Sedona. But I’m fine eating those chemicals foods when I’m up in Flagstaff.

I’m not saying that they’re not taking their toll on my body, but I’m not feeling it.  And sometimes it’s better not to feel the ill effects of such things. 

And at the same time, eating more lightly – like raw or vegetarian – in a place like Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York might not be the best idea.  Especially if you already are highly empathic.

I did a cleanse diet when I was living in Vegas and the city practically spat me out.  I could barely get back into town to pick up my stuff, and I found myself gravitating toward other ways to get chemicals in my body while I was in Vegas doing the cleanse.   No cigs for 12 years until that cleanse, and the MINUTE I crossed out of Vegas I no longer had a pull toward cigs. 

Now only if I’m around a collective of smokers, but that’s not unusual for me.  I’ve always picked up on others addictions, habits, etc… both good and bad…

You are an adult indigo?  Your thoughts, opinions and experiences?

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  2. Hello, my name is Richard! I’m a nutritional consultant and also a indigo adult. proper nutrition is vital for me to be balanced. I am going to do a web page after I start my project in the next 45 days. I found out not to long ago that I’m an indigo which my whole life I just thought there was something wrong with me. as being an indigo, toxins are a major down fall for me both physically and mentally. so I’m going to do a documentary on cleansing at a cellular level and mental cleansing for 30days having all-natural/organic foods. thanks to isagenix. check out my website rbhealhrecovery.isagenix.com

    1. Hi Richard!

      Toxins definitely have played a large roll in my early life as well. I just thought that there was something wrong with me, because I always felt ill and emotionally down, but when I started to clear all the toxins from my life, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

      I am a filmmaker as well, and even now when I am on set, I have trouble sometimes because the food that is provided is often very processed and has lots of preservatives. I almost always have to bring my own food with me, which can be tough to prepare when you are already working a 14 hour day.

      Anyhoo, good luck with your documentary. Please post a link to the movie when you are finished with it. I’m sure my readers would enjoy it and perhaps it will help them. I know that I’m interested in seeing it!

      ~ Indigo Leslie ~

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