Yep, we’re all thinking Christmas Trees…

I have described some of the strange indigo adult powers that I have, but one of the ones that fascinates me the most is my perseveration (mental focus) on topics that someone else in my life is focusing on that I pick up on psychically.

I usually don’t find out until a few days later that this other person is focusing on this topic.

And that’s what’s weird about it.

So, this Christmas more than any other in the past, I was focusing on our Christmas tree.

I wanted to hug it and mentally send it love and decorate with the intention that every piece I put on it is a piece that is saying to that tree “I love and appreciate you”.

Dear Christmas Tree: I love and appreciate you!
Dear Christmas Tree: I love and appreciate you!

And when I water it, to give it water that I have briefly meditated with and infused with my love.

This didn’t seem too weird to me. After all I’m pagan and empathic, even with plants, and could feel the tree’s reaction to my appreciation.

Then, just two days ago, I get an email from a friend who has a sight that is similar to my own. Her entire email is about… YOU GUESSED IT… Christmas Trees!

She wrote about the history of the ceremony of bringing in the tree, what the evergreen symbolized in pagan religions and how that was adopted by Christianity, what it means to her, etc…

And I realized that I was feeling her thoughts.

This happens a lot to me.

And the lesson is always that I should always surround myself with the people that think things that I want to think…

Positivity. Spirituality. Peace. Joy. Creativity. Cooperation.

It really puts into perspective how much impact one person can have, even if that person is spending his or her entire life in a cave, meditating.

This is why when I meditate, I think about sending love and healing energy to the planet and to my friends, loved ones and to all, and I encourage other indigo adults to do the same.

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

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