World Peace, Indigo Adults, and the Psychic Mind

“Why would I cast a stone, if both of us are going to end up with a bruise?”

I believe that much of the peace that indigo adults and children were sent to create (or destroy, depending on how aligned the indigo is) is directly related to the indigo adult’s psychic mind and inherent psychic abilities and sensitivities.

I don’t believe the indigos came to the world  all goody-two-shoes and thinking “I’m going to make the world a great place.

I mean, we came here as good people.  All people came as good people, with good intentions.

And this world, as it is currently set up, teaches its human inhabitants bad habits (war, competition, hate, etc)

The difference is that indigo adults were unable to pick up a lot of the bad habits.  This is one of the reasons why they feel different.

I have mentioned before that as a small child, I knew what the deal was. Telepathy was normal to me, and my parents have recounted times when as a child I instinctually moved hands on and over sick people (like my grandfather) to improve their condition (and, I realize now, to empathically feel what he was feeling in order to understand it).

When I started to pick up the (bad) habits of this planet (or, rather, habits that didn’t come naturally to me)… or at least gave it my best shot… I was around 10 years old and I became keenly aware of the weird repercussions it would have in my life.

I could feel the pain my friends and I would cause when we teased other kids… even if it was good natured teasing.

I also noted that when I reached out to other kids that were even more unpopular than me, I would feel grateful, which was weird because I was the one reaching out.

I noticed that I always knew the best course of action with issues, problems, situations and day to day life things that would come up, even with adults present and working on these issues.  They could not see what I could see clearly.

As I got even older, I started to notice the energy exchange between my parents. One would talk and the other would listen.

Correction… one would dump verbally about work and the other would receive the dump begrudgingly.  Every night.

I saw the toll this took on the parent that was being dumped on.  I felt how this parent felt as he was being dumped on.  Why was I feeling it? And I was pissed I was feeling it because it didn’t make sense.

I will illustrate my point with this last example; I could see the energy exchange happening, with one parent draining the other.  And the parent doing the draining was only doing so because that parent had been drained from a crappy day at work.

So I would look at this and think, “First of all, I never want to do this to anyone, myself.  I don’t ever want to just plug in and drain.  That’s not fair and unless the other person is also indigo, they won’t know what hit them.”

I’d also think, “I don’t think it’s good that it’s happening to anyone.  And isn’t this just a small microcosm of the world?  Two warring sides draining each other?

“They would be much happier finding their alignment and living in harmony.”

And because I was also feeling what that parent was feeling, and in previous examples, feeling what the person I was interacting with was feeling (I guess that’s a rough definition of Karma, but more tangible), why would I ever deliberately set out to cause negative feeling in others when I knew whatever they experienced would also be experienced by me.

Heck, sometimes I’m not even involved with something happening, but if it’s someone I love, I’ll feel it anyway.  Even if they are 2000 miles away.

YOU, indigo adults, cannot affect others in this world without feeling those same effects yourself.

(side note: the shielding exercises I have provided will help you if you do inadvertently cause negative emotion in another, though ultimately their emotions are their own and it is NEVER your responsibility to do anything more than find your alignment – aka happy mental place – and then move from there.)

For this reason, as more and more people open up to feeling into others emotions/thoughts/feelings and start to feel their own effects on the world in a very direct way, a world with greater peace is inevitable.

Any indigo adults, children or other psychic minds have thoughts about this post?  Please leave them below…


Indigo Leslie

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