WOOT! WOOT! I found The Indigo Adults Website Comments! *** BIG SMILE ***


WOW! I am so excited!

About a year ago I removed BuddyPress from

When I originally added it, it was with the intention to make this site similar to Facebook so that everyone could interact more in an online community specifically for indigo adults.

However, the spam I was receiving was unbelievably time consuming to sort, so I removed as much of BuddyPress as I could from this website.

Since then, I have not been able to find the comments for this site. I thought that by blocking BuddyPress (and possibly removing it improperly), I blocked users’ abilities to leave comments.

I was missing the interaction with you guys!

For anyone who has been waiting for a response I apologize. I never got any of the comments from the past year and I have been working diligently to solve the coding mystery.

I am going to add a social media page to this site soon to add other ways to get in touch.

But if you ever have trouble with the comments again, you can always go to The Indigo Adults on Facebook.

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

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