Were Indigo Adults Born Before 1978?

I am on an email list of an astrologer and homeopathic practitioner named Mary English, who is coming out with a book about indigo adult and indigo children astrology.

On this page she mentions that according to her astrology, she does not think that any indigo adults were on this planet before 1978.

At first this made me sad, because I was born about one year too early to qualify, according to her.

But then I remembered the indigo children wiki that I read a long time ago that discusses Nancy Ann Tappe’s book Understanding Your Life Through Color.

I have read her book and she mentions that she first started seeing indigos in the 1960’s, and a lot of this whole theory on the phenomena of indigo adults is based on her book, who was the FIRST ONE to mention it.

So when people start talking about, “Are we or are we NOT indigo people?”, it is at that point in the discussion that I usually roll my eyes and go, “Does it really even matter what the specifics are?”

I just finished a whole page about this topic. Here it is.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


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