Using the Rejuvenizer while Working Out

Indigo Adults and five tibetan rites

For the past few months I have been working out by alternating (yin energy) Five Tibetan Rites, with high intensity (yang energy) workout with Zuzka Light.

This seems to be a good combination because I find that sometimes my body just needs a lot of jumping around movement (like a jog or something that bounces my body around), mixed with the calming effects of yoga or 5 Tibetan Rites.

I started with Zuzka a few months ago and my heart rate recovery time has gotten a lot better, but I’m writing this because something interested happened the other day.

I normally do my workouts with Zuzka’s youtube videos without my Rejuvenizer on, because the chain I have it on is long and when I’m jumping up and down it tends to hit me in the face.

Silly… I know… I should just get a shorter chain.

Well, I was really excited to work out because I had given myself a rest of a few days and was ready to go back into it.

Anyway, I was so excited that I forgot to take off The Rejuvenizer.

I found that in my workout I was infinitely stronger than when I usually work out, especially at my core.

I guess one could say that it was due to the rest I had allowed myself, but I have given myself other rests over the last few weeks and none had as strong a comeback as I did today.

This clearly was not conducted in a scientific lab, but it’s just an observation I made and thought I would share.

And it wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophesy because I didn’t realize that I had forgotten to take it off.

And that’s great!

I love this little Rejuvenizer.

Also, when I do take it off, I have been putting it on my dog while I exercise. He seems so much more chill with it on and seems kind of disappointed (I perceive) when I take it off him and return it to my neck. I think I will be buying a pet Rejuvenizer quite soon!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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