Update: Diamond Hexagrams / Diamond Quantum Colors

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“And in 9 short days, you can have teeth as white as mine and all of your dreams will come true!!!”

A few weeks ago I posted about Diamond Hexagrams and Diamond Quantum Colors, two courses offered by the company Learning Strategies.

When I purchased the two courses, I was very clear on my goal… To have a breakthrough in the financial area of my life.

Update: My Experience with Diamond Hexagrams and Diamond Quantum Colors

When I first put up the feng shui remedies, it was clear to me that the FEEL of the energy in the house improved immediately with placing the remedies, and that people started to get along better.

And yes, I did have an urge to organize my clothes. YAY!

But, again, the intention was for a financial breakthrough. A clear one. An unmistakable shift in my financial condition in the physical realm.

But that didn’t happen.

Yes, there was lots of yummy energy, but that was it.  And yummy energy doesn’t send a check in to Sallie Mae every month.

This company only allows for a 30 day trial period.  Since nothing happened within the trial, I returned it.

Sure, that might have been a bit hasty, but I sent it back for two reasons:

  1. I have purchased so many things – new-agey energy things, courses, etc that make promises that don’t come through and live up to the promises the sales page makes. I always give these purchases a chance to work that is longer than the trial period because I continue to have faith in the item or course. Eventually… loooooong after I should have given up on the thing, I figure out that it was just a nicely packaged product with good sales copy that took advantage of my hope for improvement in an area of my life.
  2. I also buy things to try them out and let you know if they are cool or not. This one is not.  Therefore, I am returning it and telling you it’s not cool. So that I can try out another product that could help you and me much more.

What normally happens and the reason I keep these ineffective products so long, is that I misinterpret a shift in energy as an indication of a future shift in the physical realm.

It is true that there must be an energetic shift first in order to have a physical life shift, but energy is ALWAYS shifting, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tool is working.

Heck, I was supposed to go to a Renaissance Faire this morning but decided to stay home and get some work done instead.  I had been running Renni Faire energy for the 48 hours prior to today, and, GUESS WHAT?

When I made the decision not to go, my energy shifted to a different reality.

Same thing happens when I am on road trips and I decide to take a left turn instead of the right turn I was going to make.

The course might have shifted *something*… And it seems to be a good *something*… But ultimately it is meaningless because the impact I wanted to have on the physical realm has not been achieved.

Another Example

I was driving through Sedona one day and had the urge to stop in a new age store. There was a sign inside the store that said “Free Energy Healings Today” and I agreed to have one.

The session took an hour and consisted of three people dancing and singing around me in a very dramatic fashion.  They knew a little bit about energy healing because they were pumping me full of it, but even while I was lying on the table in the midst of this hilariously dramatic scene I knew that pumping my energy full of energy doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any sort of healing going on or that there would be any reflection of this “energy healing” in my physical life.

The thing that made this less hilarious was that afterwards they asked for the “normal donation of $40!” Some free healing that turned out to be.

BTW, in case you are ever in Sedona and feel the urge to have a bunch of people dance and sing around you while lighting you up like an energetic roman candle, go to the crystal store next to Ace Hardware.  You’ll have a good time.


I suppose there is an element of skepticism within me now that comes with being burnt a lot by these things. And rightfully so.

I mitigate it by using a product’s trial period the way it is supposed to be used.

I am going to keep the hexagon and color feng shui adjustments up in the house, because some feng shui takes 9 weeks to shift, rather than 9 days.

Should there be the positive financial shift  – one that is CRYSTAL CLEAR in terms of a shift in the PHYSICAL WORLD – I will repurchase the courses.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS:  I purchased the Diamond Feng Shui – Level One Course many years ago and it was very effective in positively changing many elements in my physical life. Part of the reason I am really bummed on this experience is that I asked for an extension on the trial and they said OK and that they would send a confirmation of the extension but never emailed it to me.  When I called back and told them that, they insisted that it was sent. I am 100% sure it was not. I get all of the emails they send, including the many sales pitches I the send out every week.  This made me not trust the company and so I just said return the whole she-bang. No regrets but a bit of disappointment.




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