The Upside to the Indigo Adult ability of being Empathic

I learn fast.

Really fast.

Absurdly fast.

And people wonder how I do it.

It’s an Empath secret, actually.

We indigo adults might have to deal with being Emapths… Not being able to be around certain people or watch particular movies… And that can get a bit annoying…

But here’s a really cool thing about being an emapth. We can know how to do stuff just by sitting next to the person who knows how to do stuff.

Let me clarify…

I was in massage school and I was having difficulty with a particular stroke.

The instructor, who had been doing massage for over 20 years and was an AMAZING healer, came over and started to work on the person whom I had been working on.

Together we started to work together, each one of us had one of the the “clients'” feet. My instructor sat next to me, looked me in the eye and our shoulders brushed.

Within seconds I got it. I got mastery with the stroke I had been struggling with. I was doing it at the level of a master. It was weird. I knew I was not that skilled yet. But I was? I could feel it in my hands and in my body.

What had happened was that there was a transference of energy between me and the teacher/expert and by virtue of standing next to this expert, I was able to also become an expert in her line of expertise.

You… the empath… don’t take anything away from the expert’s skill or ability, but it is a great way for you to learn new stuff.

So here’s how you do it.

You find the most knowledgeable person you can find regarding what you want to learn. You sit with them. You look them in the eye. If possible you touch them. You have them near you when you do what you want to learn a few time and get the learning into your own body.

It only takes me a few times doing something to get it wired into my body (like in the Matrix… when they download particular programs) and then I can do it on my own with great expertise.

One caveat… If you don’t think in a similar way to the person/expert you are with, it might be more difficult to empathically pick up the information.

This is happening to me now. I am in this television studio and having a bit of difficulty learning a particular position because I don’t match the thinking style of the person teaching me.

When the other person training me sits with me, I get it immediately. Unfortunately, he’s not around enough for me to get the position mastered in my own body and “downloaded” fully into my own mind to be a master myself.

Is this helpful to any indigo adults out there? How have you learned to make Empathy an advantage?

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