The Sedona Ex Boyfriend: Cleansing By Fire and Other Synchonistic Means

People always say that when one door in your life closes another one opens.

Well for me, May was all about doors closing and a few opening.

These were doors that probably should have been shut a long time ago… Doors that connect me to Arizona, to my ex-boyfriend I broke up with years ago (yikes), to filmmaking in a way that doesn’t allow the universe to help me…

And because all of this centers around Sedona Arizona, the synchronicity has been insane. She (Sedona) assisted in my intention.

Essentially, 6 years ago I met my boyfriend in Flagstaff and hung out with him for the first time in Sedona after he attended a calligraphy class. From there we started a wonderful, wonderful relationship and even though I ended it, I always felt that the energetic connections never went away.

Looking back on the last several years, I can see that returned to Sedona for what I thought at the time was to attend film school, when really I was trying to resolve the energetic stuff from meeting my boyfriend there.

Of course, attending film school added a whole new layer of energetic stuff to clear up.


So in the last 3 weeks I’ve clear out storage unit I’ve had for over 3 years and killed the hope of moving back anytime in the near future, I watched on the news how the spot I first camped with my boyfriend burn to the ground along with thousands of acres of one of my favorite forests in the world (AKA Slide Fire), I attended the last film festival for the last year of my film school’s existence and presented a film that was actually very good and that I am proud of (not something I had to throw together because of the constraints of film school), I stayed at the motel that I swore I would never return to because they almost killed my dog (vowing never to do something actually makes it happen in Sedona)…

… And finally, I had my first physical (sexual) experience since I broke up with the Sedona boyfriend.


Joy and sadness are too mild to describe the emotional rollercoaster I have been on, but then again, it wouldn’t be Sedona without a ride on the rollercoaster.

I even met the calligraphy teacher my ex and I ate dinner with 6years ago when he was in the class the day we first hung out.

I feel energetically purged and cleansed and ready to start the next chapter of my life.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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