The Revolution Within – Connecting With Happy Future World Energy

I have been obsessed with The American Revolution since I started watching the show Turn: Washington’s Spies one year ago.

It has awakened in me a spirit of possibility in the capability of a small group of people to change circumstances for the better in seemingly insurmountable odds.

Of course, I cannot help but ponder what these great men and women would do today when looking upon the current American and world system as it is.

Honor was an important trait in colonial life, so I think that the basis of decisions would be based in maintaining one’s honor and liberty and the honor and liberty of those around them.

The American Revolution was not won by gunpowder. The British had much more.

It was won by wit and cunning. We outmaneuvered the British strategically.

It was also a series of inexplicable “chance” happenings that tilted the was in the colonies favor. Choices by wise people (look up John Andre) and random events (like the random fog that got Washington safely out of New York) were all little occurrences that added up to independence for the colonies.

I believe that chance happenings such as these are born in strong collective vision.

There was a strong collective intention on the part of the colonial “rebels” which created the vibration to shift in physical reality in the wake of what like insurmountable odds.

Since this site is about the energetic reality of things, and the indigo adults roll within that framework, I will frame the current election thusly.

Those with the vision of status quo, “same old-same old”, rule by coroprations and wealthy oligarchy for the future have manifested Clinton.

Modern Tea Partiers had a vision and went on marches and rallies and they manifested Drumpf / Cruz.

The 99% Occupy Wall Street movement manifested Bernie Sanders.

If you recall correctly, during the time of the Occupy Movement, I encouraged indigos adults to send support energetically and happy future vision if they could not or would not participate in the physical reality of the Occupy Movement.

I have also repeatedly stated that the most important thing for us to do is to see the vision of the world that we are wanting and then everything else will fall into line.

I am not saying that it will fall into line without work, but the opportunity will be there.

That opportunity is Bernie Sanders for President assuming you are part of the progressive movement.

And if you are not, that’s ok, too. The key is that you are also envisioning a future world that you would like to see and feeling that vibration and take your action from there.

This is how it breaks down:

If everyone is connecting with that happy future as they see it on an individual level and connect with it vibrationally/energetically (regardless of the upsets, anguish and disappointments that are happening within the current election), then that reality is most likely to occur, regardless of what the election looks like at the moment.

Those tiny little inexplicable chance happenings that occurred during the American Revolution of the 1700’s is what will help us to win again.

We only get off track if we start disconnecting from that vision.

Admittedly, I got disconnected while canvassing in New York last week because I was forcing myself to do it in an uninspired manner. “Get out there regardless of instinct or emotion to do otherwise”, was how I operated the Monday before the election.

Even though I knew that being sent out alone to canvass in the middle of the day when no one was home looked like the right and actionable choice, it actually crushed my morale much more than the actual New York primary election did. (I have recovered just fine, though. Please read to the end!)

But then again, that “Do or Die” vibration with no regard to the energetic reality is very common in New York Metro area and I was probably picking up on that empathically.

The woman sending me out should have seen that a canvassing partner would have created a celebratory vibration rather than a laborious one. She did not have the sensitivity to those sorts of things.

So I am calling on you, indigo adults, to deliberately continue to envision the world you want to manifest. Healthy planet. Abundant economically for all. Happy, healthy people with the time and interest in kindness and community.

Then, if you feel moved, act from that vision.

I encourage you to get involved with the campaign, whichever one you believe in, as long as it is grounded in the energy of your happy vision (and, ideally, a happy vision for all since we are all connected).

From the Bernie Sanders campaign point of view, that means phone banking, even if it is from home and even if you only have a spare 15 minutes. Do it as long as it feels good. Take breaks as you feel you must.

It also means canvassing and donating money if that feels right to you.

But whatever campaign you believe in, step into getting involved ONLY from the energy of the vision you created about your (and the world’s) happy, healthy future.

Each time you connect with that vision, you create a revolution within, and that’s where it begins.

I pray it is a peaceful and joyful transition to the happy future that is to be manifested. Sometimes it might not be, and that’s ok. Just keep reconnecting with the happy future vision and we will be ok.

As a side note, there are three ways I reconnect with my happy internal revolution.

One way I reconnect to the happy future world energy through meditation.

The other way is by reading the positive posts about Bernie Sanders and have a collection of videos of him that inspire me to take joyful action on his campaign and allow me to reconnect with that vibration when I have a not so joyful experience.

The third way is by connecting with other Bernie Sanders supporters at events. I feel that this mutual celebration for his campaign rings out louder (energetically) than just within the event. (There’s that N-Squared thing again!)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: To get into the revolutionary spirit with a great show, tune into Turn: Washington’s Spies starts Season 3 on AMC this Monday 4/25/16.

Also, read the great book George Washington’s Secret Six and watch John Adams (mini-series).

There are so many near-misses in all of these stories where fate could have easily gone another way. Back then, they called it providence. Today, I strongly feel that that is the effect of strong prayer and clear vision. Please keep that in mind as you consider how it applies to modern times.

PPS: Sorry there is little formatting in this text. The text editor is not working in WordPress right now. Thank goodness I still remember a little HTML from 2005.

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