The Maitreya Project Heart Shrine Relic Tour is not just for Buddhists or Indigo Adults

Last night I was in Uptown Sedona at a public film event and a woman came up to me to say hi to my dog, Buddha.

When she learned the name of my dog, she asked if I went to the pet blessing that day at the Buddha Relic Tour.

I hadn't even heard of it, so she told me where it was and said it would be on for one more day in Sedona.

So I went there today and had no idea what was going on, but I do know what I felt and that was complete, all-encompassing unconditional love.

The Buddha Relics, officially called the Maitreya Project Heart Shrine Relic Tour, are “a collection of more than 1000 sacred relics of the Buddha and other Buddhist Masters”.  After this tour, the relics will be “enshrined inside the heart of a magnificent Maitreya Buddha statue being built in Kushinagar, India.”

The relics are these tiny pearl substances (called ringsel) found in the ashes of the creamated Buddhist Master.  They are not normally found in creamated ashes, but are left behind deliberately by Buddhist Masters to create cause for other in the world. They represent the love and compassion of that master.

These relics hold the incredibly high vibrations of the masters and to be in the presence of them is like being in the presence of Buddha.

I imagine it sounds a bit hokey reading this, and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there, but it really is an amazing experience.

I sat in the room and meditated for over an hour.  I received a blessing and my dog received a blessing. I definitely felt a shift during the blessing and the hour I spent meditating I just felt my heart opening and healing.

During my meditation, I would think of a person that I may not have comfortable or complete energy with, and initially I would feel that discomfort in my body, and then I would feel it dissipate out of my body and I would return to full openness.

This is the real deal, and I am so grateful for the experience.

Definitely check it out if you can! The relics are touring the world, and there are still stops to be made in the United States.

Here's more information on the project:

Here are the tour locations and dates:

And here is a very beautiful article on the Maitreya Project's official website that talks about how they are bringing the relics to the worst neighborhoods and prisons to induce healing and compassion:

Please do visit the relics if you can!  It's not just a blessing and healing for you, it is a blessing and a healing for the entire world, because by being in the presence of this extremely high vibration, you become closer to the vibration yourself.  And by you carrying the higher vibration in the world, you help the world collective carry a higher vibration.


Indigo Leslie

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