The Lesson of Portkeys in Harry Potter Helps Indigo Adults

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Last week I mentioned that my eyes with a bluish hue when I am in Sedona.

Yesterday I was exploring a new health food shop and they had a small book section.

One of the books that they had was one about Sedona, and I think I met the writer when I was living in Sedona.

I spent a lot of time perusing the book. I could feel that thinking of Sedona relaxed me a bit and was thoroughly enjoying the book, but I decided that I have enough books to read right now and went about my business without buying the book.

A few minutes later I went to the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror.  My eyes were glowing with that blue hue like they do when I am in Sedona.

And then I realized that lately I had forgotten to access a EXTREMELY HELPFUL tool for anyone to use, especially indigo adults, who can notice energetic shifts and changes.

I’m going to use another Harry Potter analogy…

This book, for me, was a PORTKEY to Sedona.

It shifted my energy to Sedona. I might have physically still been in New Jersey, but my energy was in Sedona.

The take away for you (and for me to remember) is that portkeys are anything that takes our energy to another place and/or time. It’s kind of what I was saying about music in my last post, but with a more specific and definited destination in mind.

In retrospect, I used a book as a type of portkey to move to Los Angeles, as well as to take a glorious trip to England in my late teens.

Generally, non-fiction books about locations and music work best for me.  Photos work occasionally, but are not as good when they have people in them that I know.

But even a physical object like one of my dad’s shirts immediately transports me to the time and place when he was alive and well and we were staying at my grandmother’s house near the Jersey Shore.

My parents old vinyl records transport me to New York as a 4 year old, before we moved to New Jersey, because that’s when they would play them and I would look at them and SMELL them. Weird right?

I do that now and I’m 4 years old again.

You can even transport to a particular time if you pick the right book that describes the time in the correct way.  My first experience of this (though I didn’t know it at the time) was in high school when I was doing a huge research report on The Beatles and I am pretty sure I got stuck in the 60s for about 2 years (which was lots of fun so I didn’t mind).  🙂

So… The next time you are looking to get someplace, pick up a book on that subject.

You see, we are energetic beings that are attached to a physical body. When we didn’t have a body we could connect with the energy of a place and then be at that place (technically there is no “place” in non-physical space as there is in physical space, but I don’t know how else to describe it).

The reason portkeys don’t work instantaneously for most people (including me) in the physical world is that our physical bodies are too dense to move at the speed of thought and intention.

I imagine there are a few gurus out there who have the ability to transport themselves from place to place physically, but for the rest of us, our energetic body will have to do until our physical body catches up.

But I am remembering, though my experience with the Sedona book yesterday, that the best way for me to get someplace energetically and then physically is to connect to it through writing.

Does it work for you, too? I would love to hear other indigo adults‘ experiences with portkeys!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “The Lesson of Portkeys in Harry Potter Helps Indigo Adults”

  1. Book, music but also smell works for me as well!!
    Couple days ago. I experienced for the first a smell in an area of my house and it projected me way back when I was about 7..wile in vacation !!
    At first, I was so surprised…then I just “released it” and enjoyed the “way back then moment” if it makes any sense..

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