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The Indigo Adults Updates and Announcements

“Indigo Leslie, where have you been?”

I have pondered for the last year why I refused to write for The Indigo Adults and how to reinvigorate my interest and the site.

This project started in 2009, and over those 6 years I have moved 6 times to three different states. Every new location has evoked different inspiration for me.

At first, I felt that it moving to the East Coast that made me want to stop writing.

Very little of my life flows synchronistically here, and it’s challenging to manifest things. Additionally, all of the things and people that I connect with energetically come with a heavy energy to them, not necessarily because they are negative but because it’s hard to keep energy clean in such a densely populated area, no matter how much I “clean” myself off.

I just don’t feel magical right now, even though I still know I am. I am feeling out of touch.

Additionally, residing on the East Coast doesn’t seem like it will be a short stay for me, which was, and occasionally still is, disheartening for me.

I realized that I stepped away from The Indigo Adults because:

(1) I have really had to shut down my abilities to cope with so much energetic information coming at me all the time
(2) I didn’t see the value for you, my readers, of posting during my low, out-of-balance times because I feel that I am here to inspire and guide YOU. Because I cannot “see” clearly right now, I cannot tap into information as well as usual that can help the indigo adult collective consciousness.

The interesting thing is that in order to not completely drown in the energy here, I have often dug my heels in more deeply to the teachings, habits and practices that I know will help a little, even if I cannot consciously feel the energy shifting.

I also recognize that while I am currently less effective in the energetic realm (or maybe less aware of it, but still quite effective), I am much more grounded, and able to move in the physical world with greater effacy.

Also, there is only so much more I can write about out in terms of the awesome indigo adult powers I have written about for the last 6 years.




Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up and it is no longer a revelation that there are many of us walking around with kickass abilities that are as normal to us as breathing…

…we can move on to other topics, like what to do now that it is vividly clear that this is our path and we are here to make a difference in a positive way.

(BTW, If you want to read about indigo adult abilities and how to balance yourself better, read everything BEFORE this post in May 2015. You may want to Start Here.)

So, here are the changes…

While I will still have posts about the energetic element to being an indigo adult, the focus of The Indigo Adults will be more on the real ways to focus our abilities and interests (see the Category “DO Good”), and well as ways to become healthier and more clear on all levels (see the Category “FEEL Good”).

For many years, people have been asking me to organize activities or MeetUps related to indigo adults and I always thought that that would just end up being a bunch of people having very esoteric conversations about non-physical reality. I have been to enough psychic fairs (and lived in Sedona long enough) to realize that that prospect bored me because nothing would really happen and it would most likely just create a lot of unfocused energy.

So, for right now, instead of creating MeetUps, I am going to post about the topics that, if my circumstances were different, I would pursue with gusto and organize groups and outings related to such topics.

Because I cannot pursue them at this time, maybe someone else can, and by writing about it, I contribute to the possibility of building these great things in physical reality, which, from where I am standing, is all I can do right now.

Which brings me to the topic of money…

I hate talking about it. I really do. I want to keep this site free. I feel information like this is important for everyone to have, and that often the people that are capable of making the greatest positive shifts in the current reality are the ones that don’t have strong abilities with physical reality elements, like money.

At the same time, I have pondered how I can include a monetary benefit to maintaining this site. I am open to suggestions and have thought of things ranging from a donation box to affiliate programs (yawn) to creating all information in written form for free but charging for events. I am also considering organizing spiritual trips like the Buddha Relics, which are coming to the East Coast of North America quite soon.

I’m not sure if any of these choices will materialize (ha… or in this case, digitize) but it has been on my mind.

I love you, readers, and the gratitude you send to me makes it so wonderful to be part of your life in the way I am. The feeling of gratitude is mutual, my friends.

I just know that I would be able to put greater focus and energy into The Indigo Adults if that darn physical reality of having shelter and food and clothes wasn’t an issue (as well as food/shelter for my beloved dog).

I just don’t want to be that guy that charges for knowledge while insisting that it is SOOOOO important that this knowledge get out to as many people as possible.

I received several emails from a new-agey guy that had a workshop helping people with money.

Do you know how much the workshop was?


I wish that was a punchline to a joke, because we all can see the irony in that, but that is the kind of stuff that not only pisses me off, but repels me from charging for my own vast knowledge.

Is there an awareness that I am not getting in all this?

Pod, Vlog or Text?

I may start vlogging soon (or podcasting or both), but I’m not keen on being seen because an audience with as much psychic ability as you (hello beautiful, psychic indigo adults) can really do wacky things to my energy.

And, believe it or not, I am actually much more succinct when I am writing, rather than with video or audio.

More updates to come (and you won’t have to wait a year for the next one).

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: Please leave comments on (1) what form of posts you prefer (video, test, audio, etc), and (2) if you have any ideas on how to bring a little money in in relation to this site without excluding anyone from the benefit of this site and the experience/knowledge that I have.

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