The Ebb and Flow of Writing for The Indigo Adults

One of the reasons I have not been writing as much lately on The Indigo Adults, aside from all of the traveling that I have been doing, is that I haven’t had much to write about.

When I was living in Sedona, I couldn’t walk across the street without having some amazing revelation about the energetic reality that we live in, but New Jersey is a much different environment.

If you have been following this site for a while, you know that during my time in Chicago all I wanted to do was ground my self and shut of any part of myself having to do with intuitive abilities.

I look back now and realize that that’s because Chicago is hell to sensitives… Chicago is so energetically dirty that I would call it hell.

Or at least it was to me. I completely shut down… on all levels… not just psychic.

Now I’m back in Jersey and I it is much better for me, but I’m still very closed when I am here, most likely because a lot of the people are closed and I’m picking up on that empathically.  Normally this would bum me out, but New Jersey / New York is just a few notches less harsh than Chicago, and so it is best for me to stay closed at this time.

The few times I have opened in New Jersey (due to being surrounded by a group of very open people), it has made my head spin.  Very uncomfortable.

Going to Sedona last month really made me realize all of this.  There is a beautiful synchronicity that happens in Sedona that makes life and the realization of visions zippy and fast manifesting. That really couldn’t happen (or shouldn’t happen) here in Jersey, a denser, lower vibration reality.

In the long term, Sedona’s fast-manifestation environment can be overwhelming, but in the short term, it is quite nice. And it would be lovely if other parts of the world (like NJ) had a high enough vibration to allow for zippy manifestations once in a while.

But based on the energetic state in which the metropolitan East Coast is in right now, it would not feel good with the fast-manifesting Sedona energy.  It would be like my last few months in Sedona, which I now realize were overwhelming because I was already running the Chicago energy from Sedona.

Pardon my language, but that was an energetic shit storm waiting to happen and it got even worse when I got to Chicago. It almost took me out of the game physically as well as energetically.

I know why I chose Chicago, though.  I took the highest energetic vibration in the county, and mashed it together with the lowest energetic vibration in the country, and I did this to balance the country.

From a third dimensional point of view, it was a terrible idea. What was I thinking?

From the perspective of my highest self and my understanding of my mission on this planet, it makes total sense.

But going back to my first point.

An Indigo Adult In Jersey…


I’m in New Jersey. I’m still empathic and sensitive to that kind of stuff, but right now I have turned off a lot of my abilities, which is the perfect thing to do here.

Visiting Sedona last week was a nice reminder of the awarenesses I have, and a nice confirmation that I still have those abilities.  But I don’t need them right now.

The one down side is that walking in this world with my indigo adult abilities turned off has made it more challenging to write for The Indigo Adults site.

But I’m doing my best, so please be patient with me if I take a little longer to construct my posts than I have in the past.

All things ebb and flow, and I’m am currently ebbing.  🙂

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


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