The Contractions of Birthing Oneself: Experiencing The Buddha Relics for the Second Time

I spent the weekend of the transformational blood moon in Ontario, attending an event called The Buddha Relics, which I had first attended in Sedona five years ago.

My first experience of The Buddha Relics was on a whim, but ended up being one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.

I was not sure if I would feel that again because Sedona on it’s own is a powerful energy. I thought that perhaps the Relics, on their own, would not effect me so much.

Well, I am glad to say that the experience was equal or greater in experience than it was the first time I attended.

It was also a much different experience.

In Sedona, there is so much light around that there was no crash after leaving the high vibrations of the Buddhas.

This time there was, but I am grateful for such contrast.

Basically, I started the driving trip up to Ontario in a wonderful manner but eight hours later when I arrived where my lodging was supposed to be, the door was locked to the establishment and no one was answering the phone.

This was disturbing because I had no place to go on a Friday night and Saturday night, when it is most difficult to make reservations.

It kind of put me into panic mode, which was weird because I am quite comfortable camping or sleeping in my car, and I know this area of Canada to be relatively safe, but I could not help but stress from it.

I eventually found ok lodging on Friday night and then headed to the Relics Saturday morning.


My first hour in the presence of the Relics, all I could do was cry. It wasn’t a sad cry. It was a cry in awe of the beauty of the display and the loving, nurturing energy and the contrast of being in the presence of this light after a rough first night in Canada.

On a larger level, the love I was experiencing in the presence of the Buddha Relics was in such contrast to what I have been living lately in my fake muggle life, that I couldn’t help but cry as I felt the shielding layers over my heart peel off.

The contrast was harsh, but it showed me such potential for how open my heart could go.

I spent six hours meditating, and by the end of the six hours I was floating. My heart was so open. I went back to my lodging and went to sleep.

Then the next morning there was another rude awakening. I had hit the ground again and this time there was no panic but it didn’t feel like anyone in the situation was operating from a heart centered place, including myself. I can’t say I was disappointed with how I handled the situation. I was kind to myself and the other person, but I still got upset and arrived at the Buddha Relics feeling rather disjointed.

This time I wept in the beauty and love of the scene for only a few minutes. And I laughed as I cried because I was thinking to myself, “Here I go again. What is going on with me?”

By the time I sat down to meditate I was fine, and by the end of the day I could not contain the smile on my face and the love to give to everyone around me.

But even a few hours later, I could not find lodging again.

This time I did not panic. I didn’t react when the drunk guy ahead of me on line wouldn’t leave the front desk area or when the price doubled just after I handed the man at the front desk my credit card. I just flowed with the situation.

Something had shifted over the weekend. At this point, I’m not sure what that was. But something is definitely different in my core being.

I see this as part of my grand shifting to a more open heart chakra, more self-love, and through that, more expression of love toward others.

And I think it is like I am birthing myself anew, and it can be painful with all of these little openings of the heart and then contractions right afterward.

This weekend showed me that so vividly and really helped me to understand that sometimes getting to a clearer and more refined energetic space can be just as painful (or more so) than experiencing the lower vibrations and being content to sit in them.

That is perhaps why so many elements in my muggle life have been raising up to attempt to suppress my heart chakra opening.

Starting in August, friends and family that normally just ignore me, have deliberately had me in tears (with cruelty, not with beauty as with the Relics) on a repeated basis, and I understand now that in my reality it is the contrast of heart opening showing up as a shut down because it hasn’t shifted yet in the world around me.

Also, in the realities of those around me, it shows up for them of a sense of discomfort around me because my heart opening feels uncomfortable to them as they have not shifted in the same way and most likely will no at this time, and so therefore they attempt to put my energy back to the closed off place that makes them feel more comfortable.

Which will not happen.

There is no going back.

This evolution is happening.

I’m just glad I can clearly understand how the up elevator sometimes feels so much like the down elevator.

Thank you universe for the clarity!

Click Here for More Information About the Relics and the Tour.

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~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

*** Would you like to attend a Buddha Relics event like this one? You’ve been asking for more events and here is the first one, for those of you in the New York State area…

16, 17 & 18 October 2015
Utica, New York, USA
Friday: 6pm to 8pm Opening Ceremony
followed by viewing of the relics
Saturday: 10.30am to 6pm
Sunday: 10.30am to 5pm
Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica
10 Higby Road
New York 13501
Contact: Janet Stemmer
Email: janetny (at)

I intend to be there on Saturday or Sunday… Probably Sunday but I am not sure yet. If you want, you can email me using the form below if you thinking you might attend.

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There are more locations for the Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour.

Click Here for More Information About the Relics and the Tour.

Click Here for the 2015/2016 Schedule.

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