charms and potions

Indigo Adults and Powerful Personal Vibration: An Exercise

I realized in this process that by doing this exercise my vibration – the one that I was deliberately creating through the goals exercises – were stronger than the vibrations of family, who I was before I started focusing on these goals, my own habitual tendencies to move into my old vibration (like turning around at the first sign of overwhelm and stress), etc…

Indigo Adults and Sexual Fantasy

We indigo adults are powerful thinkers. I know that even the least psychic muggles can feel my thoughts. I notice it in their behavior.

Which means that we have to be extra careful with how we think about others.

When it comes to sexual fantasizing, it is important to go though a few, very specific steps, before engaging in the fantasy, if the fantasy involves another physical being.

PART 6 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Hallucinogens

But for indigo adults, I feel that like pot, hallucinogens are almost a wasted endeavor because we are already so open as it is.

The one exception would be if the hallucinogen was used in a sacred ceremony, with a guide that knows what s/he is doing… like the shamans that guide individuals through Iowaska experiences or Peyote journeys.

And still, I feel that that is treading on very shaky territory for an open indigo adult. The impact of these experiences do not go away once the high is over and it can be very jarring to ones life to be opened up before s/he is ready.

PART 5 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Marijuana

So if alcohol opens the heart chakra, as mentioned in my last post, marijuana opens up the third eye.

This makes me think that pot is probably not helpful for most indigos, because they are already quite open in the third eye (unless they have closed up due to circumstance) and would not recommend pot for the already-open indigo child or adult.