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When The Status Quo Attacks

This morning I got up from one of my best meditations in a long while.

I was ready to conquer the world… or at least finish everything on my to-do list.  🙂

But barely into my day, a person I see on a regular basis started ripping into me for no good reason.

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At first, I defended myself, and in the midst of the rather loud conversation, yet we both saw the absurdity in the conflict. We both made statements like, “What are we arguing about? This is silly?”

I then refrained from any sort of defense and just let words be said. It took 5 minutes for the other person to release what they had to say.

There is a pattern in my life that I have come to recognize.

It always happens when my presence is joyful or powerful beyond the point of this person’s comfortability level.

Or if I have some pretty awesome things on my to-do list that day that I am already feeling into that future and it creates a very big joyful energy from me.

Then a person who finds my vibrating at that high a frequency challenging to their sense of self tries to slam me into the smallness of me to make himself or herself more comfortable.

Sometimes I take the bait. I engage and allow the person to draw my energy down to theirs.

But I have become very good at recognizing when it is really an attempt to bring me down to their low level of energy.

And when I ask what is RIGHT about this attack, (because Access Consciousness has taught me to ask awesome questions like that) I have the awareness that it has become a sign that I am going in the right direction in my life.

If the low-level people are attacking me, it usually means that I should keep going and dig deeper into the choices I am making because I am stretching myself in a good way and it is showing on some level energetically.

And that is key… because these people don’t need to know anything consciously about my activities. They are reacting to a shift in my energy field.

This is important to recognize and acknowledge because even a minimally energetically aware Normal can sometimes feel something shift in a person’s energy field.

If this happens to you, do not let them shift you back to your old vibration unless it feels like that would be a good thing for you. (Probably not, but do your best to self-evaluate. A true friend might be helping you to curb an inflated ego.)

These days, when the grouchy Normals come out of the woodwork to tell me everything that is wrong with me, I look upon it as a sign of good things to come!

And it means my vibration is big and happy.

the-chakras-The Indigo Adults

Have you ever had a similar experience? How do you frame the experience it when it happens?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: As a side note, if this is a person who generally loves you, recognize that they might not be conscious that they are doing what they are doing, and it is probably coming from a scared place inside them. You can have compassion for them without caving into letting your vibration go down due to their weird psychological machinations.  In many cases, just letting them thrash around like a 2-year-old until they exhaust themselves can often diffuse the situation and everyone can go back to feeling happy without you falling for the manipulation.

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