Solar Flare and Earthquake Watch for August 2012

While I am partially reluctant to post this, given that those that read this blog are probably very good manifestors, I think it is important to note that there is a solar flare watch from the 11th of August to the 19th.

Additionally, there is an earthquake watch that is also coinciding with this time period.

I have heard this from several sources. One was based on a pattern that is taking place astrologically that tends to stimulate earthquake and solar flare activity.

Here are a few videos on the subject:–mdCk

Unfortunately, I can’t find the best video I watched on the subject. It was very clear and descriptive about the history of this pattern (it was first discovered in the ’70s) and the theory itself.

I have two intentions for posting this:

1. To make sure that in the upcoming months you have basic necessities (food, water, heat, etc), just in case. Always a good idea, anyway.

2. To continue to encourage you to pray for our planet’s well-being and those on it.

I am also posting this because this has directly affected me already. I was in Los Angeles last week and while I was there I was lying in bed one night and the bed started to shake. What I was feeling the first of several tiny earthquakes (I only felt one but I read about the others). What really freaked me out was that I had to ride the underground subway all week and I was really, really resisting getting on the train the following day. But I eventually got on and was ok. The next evening I read about the 30 earthquakes and then saw the video post about the August astrological line up (that I can’t find now but that video is similar to the ones posted above).

Finally, I’m posting this here because many of you have written to me after strong solar flares and have recognized the effect it had on your physical and energetic body. Now that we have a bit of warning, perhaps we can see if anything works to protect ourselves energetically. If you discover something helps you, please leave a comment so that we all can try it out.

Be safe and well!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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