Should Politicians Go to Sedona?

I was recently forwarded a video of a public conversation between Joe Biden and John McCain at the Sedona Summit.

It is about an hour long, and to me, it was much more interesting than the usual political rhetoric that politicians engage in.

I think the reason I feel this way is because the event was held in Sedona.

While I feel that I typically watch the news with my 3rd eye engaged, there is something about Sedona that makes all of the machinations and affectations that political figures use to boost ratings GLARINGLY OBVIOUS.

To me, I couldn’t help but giggle while I heard them talking about such-and-such topic but then to find myself strongly distracted by what I was getting from them intuitively, which rarely had anything to do with what they were saying.

I will say this as a positive to both of them… Sedona gives people pretty aura, politicians included.

I know that with me… many of the pictures I have of myself when I am in Sedona show my eyes glowing, usually with a bluish hue!  I always have to do double takes when I look at pictures I have taken there because it looks so different than when I am anywhere else in the world.

And this prettying up of Biden and McCain’s auras made their energy more likable, even in the moments when what I was energetically getting from them and what they were saying was not likeable at all.

Again, it kind of made me laugh.

Perhaps all debates should be held in that magical town.  🙂

Hope you find this as interesting as I do.  The best part is the last 5 minutes. You don’t even have to be psychic to read the body language. Hilarious.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


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