Road Trips: An Indigo Adult Tool for Creation

The flooding in Pennsylvania almost got me during my road trip last week.

But just as they were closing Rt. 80 I overheard two woman outside a gas station talking about how the heavy rains had effected the northeastern U.S.

I asked one of the women if they heard anything about the local weather and she replied, “Oh yeah, they closed Rt. 80… Don’t you know that?”

I checked my phone to double check the information and discovered they HAD closed Rt. 80.

But the thing is that they had only done it 5 minutes before I had this conversation with this woman. So how would I have known? And how did she know?

I am very fond of road trips and have learned a lot about manifesting from my experiences on the road.

If I had not had the urge to go to the bathroom at that point in my journey…

If I had not chosen that gas station…

If I had not overheard the two women talking…

If I had not inquired about the information they were talking about…

… I would have gotten caught up in the storm and would have needed to back track or take some back roads in Pennsylvania (which is not fun if you don’t know them… I’ve gotten lost in PA several times on such roads).

So with all of these “chance” happenings and decisions… Was it chance or fate?

Isn’t that the popular question?

Well… at the start of the trip I set the intention that regardless of the weather, slow driving speeds, traffic, trucks, etc., I was going to enjoy the journey as I got to my destination.

I didn’t think of all of that stuff beforehand…

In fact, I thought of dry roads that were clear and moving well.

And even though I didn’t experience all of that on a lot of my trip, I think that the universe assisted me in my intention.

Not to say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself even if I had to backtrack. But I was in a mood and mental space to enjoy and take my time.

By having a conversation with myself about your intention before I set out to do something and by putting myself in a good place, I was more likely to have the universe line up with my intention and help me (or my mind taking in stimuli on subconscious levels that allowed my intuition to guide me to the desired outcome.)

And that is the other major question…

This thing we call synchronicity? Is it this magical force of the universe propelling our visions toward us?

Or is it our minds analyzing all of the data consciously and subconsciously so that we automatically chose what is in line with our vision?

Or is it out psychic intuition alone that is guiding us?

I know that as indigo adults, we tend to say it is our psychic intuition because many of us do feel things on an energetic level.

I like to think it is a little of everything, but here is how I break it down in my mind.

Let’s say I want to buy a new cell phone.

I feel joy when I think about this cell phone and in born in the aether, but it is not in tangible form yet.

As I think about the cell phone more, and feel more joy about the cell phone, it moves me to intuitively to pick up an advertisement not only offering the phone, but offering it to me on sale with a huge discount.

There’s the psychic part.

But when I was flipping through the flyer, I saw lots of stuff that was on sale. I had not made the conscious decision to look for a cell phone in that flyer, but because it was on the top of consciousness from thinking about it so much, my subconscious mind made it pop out so that my conscious mind would recognize it and pay attention to that particular ad in the flyer.

And then we all call it synchronicity because I had just been thinking about getting that phone, and there it is… even better than I had imagined it to be.

(By the way, I LOVE this affirmation: “The things that I manifest are even better than I imagine them to be.”

Do any other indigo adults, psychics or empaths have ideas on this element of manifesting? Please mention your techniques/thoughts/ideas in the comments section below.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Road Trips: An Indigo Adult Tool for Creation”

  1. I believe it is both conscientiousness, as well as, syncing. For example, in my Ethics class (religion/philosophy) we were discussing world hunger, and the professor quoted the Bible “If you should have two coats, then give one away”. Well, that very day, only a few hours later I was telling the woman behind the store counter that I was getting things for Easter dinner, and usually have a lot of guests, because we have friends who do not have any family or a place to go for the holiday, to that which she commented “Well, you know what the bible says, If you have two coats…” OK, yes, I have certainly heard the Bible quote before, however, not within such a short amount of time!! Coincidence?? I think not! 😉

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