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listeningSessionImage_600x900Over the last several months I have realized my own need to chat with someone who will just listen and confirm my reality and the relevance of my thoughts. Typically, it is hard to find someone to listen who also understands the energetic reality of living on this planet.  I relied on wise friends until I found a suitable person whom I pay to just listen a bit to me speak in a way that is unconventional for most of human reality.

To speak specifically, talking about being empathic, feeling chakras, getting intuitions about things and psychic awarenesses, etc… A lot of things that come up for Indigo Adults… Is all a bit odd to “normal” non-energetically-sensitive individuals who surround me right now and have surrounded me for most of my life.

Therefore, I am putting out this page to see if a service like this would be helpful to the readers of this blog.

I’m not a psychologist, but I do have a keen awareness of how non-physical energy and reality works after studying it for over 2 decades (yes, I am an older first-wave-indigo “on the cusp” but certainly indigo).

Also, I realized recently that I used to hire psychics because I simply wanted someone to talk to that would understand a lot of the esoteric stuff that no one else did.  I did not realize that psychics can have an impact in shaping their clients’ realities and outcomes, so I would not do that today, but that informs me even more to how I would like to help other indigos.

What I will not do:

  • I will not predict your future.
  • I will not diagnose anything (but if things are severe or it sounds like the indigo I am talking to is so out of alignment that he or she might hurt him or herself, I will end the session and refer to a specialist).
  • I will not tell you what I think you should do unless you ask for advice, and then you should remember it is just one person’s advice and to always follow your intuition.

What I will do:

  • HELP YOU TO CLEAR YOUR ENERGY (most of the time, that is one of the biggest things that makes people feel out of sorts)
  • CONFIRM YOUR VOICE AND YOUR REALITY AND PERCEPTIONS, ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE ENERGETIC THINGS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING, unless I think there is an alternative way to perceive your experience that will serve you in a better way. (It would feel like an “AHA! Moment” rather than an overbearing force).
  • In the future will be able to pull tarot for you (at your request) but I will not use it in the traditional way (to predict the future) but more to get a sense of the general energy around you. I have been using a MotherPiece deck for years and I consider the images in the cards friends that give me advice about my own life and if you feel intuitively pulled toward that end of it, please let me know.  I am on an extended trip right now and left my deck home but if enough people ask for it I can ask someone to send my deck to where I am staying.


Right now (and this could go up or down) I am charging $30/hour for these sessions, with the option to tip if you want but not required.

The minimum time request is a half hour.

How to request a session:

You can fill out this form to get in contact with me and please include how long you would like the session to be and two or three times on different days that are good for you. My schedule is always changing and this will help me to schedule you with greater efficiency.

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