Raw Food Restaurants for Indigo Adults (and Health Nuts) in Las Vegas

While I find that eating raw food in Las Vegas makes me feel like I’m about to lift out of my body (ah… the psychic mind of an indigo adult), I still thoroughly enjoy the taste, so even when I was in Vegas this weekend, I enjoyed the raw breakfast I shared with my friends.

Here are two Raw Food Restaurants in Vegas that I really like.

1. Go Raw Cafe

We at at the location in an area called “The Lakes” which actually has a manmade lake in the center of the community.

Is anything real in Vegas?  Eh, no matter…

My friend lives there and it was realy nice to stay with her and be near water while in the desert.

The raw food restaurant was lovely and a favorite of several of my indigo adult friends in Las Vegas.  I had never heard about this and I was so glad they shared it with me!  I enjoyed the superfood smoothie with granola… a bit expensive (like most raw food) but filling and delicious.

My friends also said the “Gimme the Beet “Cheese” Burger w/ Fries” and “Portabella Mushroom Wrap” were also quite good.  They also have a section of the restaurant devoted to raw foodie groceries (snacks, books, personal health products) that you purchase to take home (well, at the location I went to they did… not sure about 2nd Vegas location).

2.  Rainbow’s End Las Vegas

I discovered this place years before I lived in Vegas because I drove by it while I was staying on the Strip as a tourist.  It’s mostly a health food store but they also have a cafe that serves veggie and raw Monday Thru Friday – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and Saturday – 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

While I lived in Vegas I would get there too late to order, so I would usually go to the cooler in the back of the store and find one of their breakfast smoothies which is my absolute favorite in terms of taste and I feel great for hours afterward.  Better prices than at Go Raw, too.

Any indigo adults out there have recommendations for other raw food restaurants in Las Vegas?  How about other cities?  Your words will be especially helpful to me and other indigo adults if you give recommendations in cities where it’s hard to find raw food (like Vegas).

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