Push or Be Pushed

When I started this website, I was living in Sedona. I was completely aligned with that town and the information ‘downloads’ I would get from just being there made it easy for me to write the blog and transmit that Sedona energy to you through my writing.
Since then, I have moved several times. Some of it was good. Some of it was very bad. And I have been in the same spot for a bit of time now.
You would think that being in the lesser vibration places would stop the transmissions of intuitive data I am getting but it is not.
That is not the issue.
The issue is that sometimes I feel that because I am writing from a location that does not hold that similar energy that Sedona had, emphasizing the upper chakras and higher vibrations, which feels like heaven to anyone who is empathic.
I wanted to wait to write because I love transmitting that vibration to you.
I feel that to connect with you through writing would not be ideal nor appealing to readers who came to my site for the vibration.
And maybe those who are in a higher vibrational place, like Sedona, would no longer feel my website was right for them.
To be honest, I have felt stuck for a long time here.
I am living in a low-vibration location, and I was making that a wrong thing and something to escape from, even though the attachments for me here are based somewhat on love.
I’m not going to get into why I have chosen to stay, or that all of the transformations that have occurred while being here have all been good, but I am going to say that if my indigo adult abilities were going to fail, this is where it would have happened.

They have not.

And I have formed techniques to feel my best here and really radiate who I am here, even in the face of many casting stones.

I try to live my life to do my best here and be as uplifting as possible to those around me if they are open to it…

Most are not.

The sensation of living here, actually, is that of being knocked down every day on every level of my being.
But the failure in me comes only when I don’t get up again, and that has not happened yet.
And greater still, the techniques that I have used in this lower vibration to keep my head above water emotionally and psychologically could help other indigo adults, especially those who feel there is no one like them where they are and those who also feel that the vibration reflected to them is not what they are sending out and not supportive.

I have not wanted to write this because it is a bit embarrassing to writes be someone who sometimes write about things like the Law of Attraction and not be able to get myself out of my own, often frustrating, situation.

How can I lead and empower if I am struggling?

Inherently, there are aspects of love that keep me here, and so I realize now that this is my choice to stay. These energetic ties are strong. I have been in denial of how strong they are.
And they are not all bad.
When I do energetic cord-cutting ceremonies I always ask for the mutually beneficial ones to grow back, and they always do.
Additionally, I feel that this is the universe’s way of training me, not just to be able to find my high vibration in a bad situation, but also to overcome it.

Still working on that one.

And while I tend to float around on the higher vibrations of love and light, I have come to realize since I started this blog the importance of learning to ground my energy. And I mean REALLY GROUND MY ENERGY.
This is important for all indigo adults, empaths, and those who have strong psychic tendencies.

Tai Chi Push Hands

I have been practicing Tai Chi for almost 20 years.

In tai chi, an energetically grounded person cannot be pushed from his or her spot.
This can be seen in exercises like push hands.

It requires balance, but also a deeper energetic connection to the earth than your opponent, to be able to continue to stay in balance when your opponent is trying to knock you over.
And that is a great analogy for living in a physical world.
I get lots of messages from people who are just starting down their indigo path and that is when it can be the hardest to manage, especially if there is no one reflecting or acknowledging your abilities back to you.
I know I hunger for that sometimes, too, even now.

But this is the upside of where I am physically now.

I have come to realize that perhaps the best thing to come out of practicing cultivating my own personal high vibrations while living in the lower vibrations around me right now is that I can help those who are also living in that contrast.

More so, the more I can stay grounded, the more I can thrive.

I am still working on that.

We can’t all live in Sedona, can we?

Nor would many of us prefer that.
I’m not even sure I would prefer that now.
In fact, one of my most exhilarating moments after moving from Arizona came when I was at a street fair in New York.
It was so crowded, and I normally hate crowds.
It was chaotic and people were pushing, bordering on aggressive, but in a weirdly celebratory way.
But on that day, as an empath, I connected to that vibe, and instead of feeling shaken, I felt exhilarated.
I’m still not sure why, except that I may have been longing to be around people, really grounded people, after the many years of living in solitude and ungrounded (but spiritually high) living of Sedona.

Because it is not better or worse…

What I am calling “lower vibes” is more about how it hits the chakras. There is a survival aspect here at the sacrifice of all else including higher vibration aspects (like kindness) and a lack of natural flow that occurs. It’s like people who live here don’t understand there is an easier way. A collective middle finger to self and others is the natural way of life here, and it is unnecessary friction that occurs for a lot of reasons, the most obvious to me being the lack of nature and the overcrowding in this part of the country and in one’s day-to day-life that makes one feel they have to fight on a daily basis just to have a little space, peace, and ease.
But the collective here are masters at taking space and holding it and pushing over anyone else that tries to take it. And pushing others out of the space they covet.
And maybe that is why my soul brought me this experience.
I am not yet grounded enough to not get pushed over in this arena. I am learning. I am doing my best to not get pushed over AND keep peace in my heart.


As I mentioned earlier, I am a bit embarrassed to speak about my own challenges.
But that is what the human experience is about.
Life on planet Earth for humans at this time is a PhD for your soul’s evolvement. And Mine. And so, we are handed the challenges in our lives to learn. Soul learning.
And my lessons are different than yours.
And sometimes that looks like toughening up (with an open, protected, but kind heart)… NOT meditating one’s way out of situations, which I have found works much better in some parts of the country than others.
That way worked in my old, higher-vibration life. The way it worked was that I would meditate with the intention of manifestation and take action when the manifestation was ready. I would simply be open to it.

And because a large part of the collective was also in flow, manifestation and synchronicity were easy for all who took that path.
That doesn’t work right now for me.
This is a world where the collective manifestation is so against higher vibrations that their manifestations (because it is from many people) are stronger than the things I can manifest, even if it is for the greatest good for all.
It’s way bigger than one person, even if that one person is powerful.
So I offer this blog to you in the best capacity that I can offer right now.
Hopefully, the indigo adults, a potential collective of grounded, empowered, peaceful individuals with good intentions and an inherent understanding of vibrational energy, will shift all of our collectives and ourselves into a healthier vibration.

When we vibrate with many who naturally lean into that state of flow, our vibrations will be more powerful and good for us all, to the collective we are part of in our physical life and as individuals.
I truly believe it will be.
I will do my best to write consistently. I can’t promise anything.
Unflinching truth?
Maybe. Maybe not.
I am learning in my current reality that sometimes one’s survival is based on not being truthful.
Sometimes it is unethical for self and others to be truthful.
The best I can do is say that my intention on this website is and has always been for the most benevolent for self and and you, to all readers and it touches and transforms.

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

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