Projecting future energy Indigo adults

Projecting Energy Into The Short Term Future

Projecting future energy Indigo adults

There was a moment when I thought I would be able to go to Philadelphia to support Bernie Sanders during the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

My schedule has changed since then to make me unable to go, but in the time I was looking into travel arrangements, the back of my mind was saying, “Don’t you usually offer the energetic support for these kinds of things? Don’t these events overload your system?”

The answer is, “Yes, they do.”

In regards to this particular event, I do not care because I feel that standing in solidarity for bringing forth a government that truly represents the well-being of the majority of the people in this country and the planet is more important than my energetic or physical safety.

But there are preparations I can take to ensure that my experience is as good as it can be in potentially dangerous or energetically overwhelming situations such as political rallies.

When that much though energy is focused on a particular event or place, I feel the though-energy coming at that event from other people very viscerally.

This includes the energetic awareness of complete delight, anticipation, and excitement for those coming from the farthest parts of the country to rally for Bernie, as well as for those that despise those who are going to rally for that same reason.

It’s the full range and it sort of hits me randomly and powerfully.

But I have a technique that has gotten me through similar experiences before.

On the surface, what I am about to say looks a lot like prayer, and that is what it is to some degree.

So big whoop, right?

Prayer… Tell me something I don’t know.

But there is a way to pray that is important for the energetics you are projecting into the future to work properly.

Before I start, it is important that I say that this is totally non-religious or dogmatic. It is about pushing the energy you want into your future reality, and you can use whatever tool your religion offers if it helps, or none at all if you are not religious.

Imagine the event. In my case, it would have been my time in Philadelphia during the DNC.

And as I connect with the current state of the energy of my experience in Philadelphia during the convention (which I might or might not feel viscerally), I can now shift that energy into the vibration that I want it to have.

For me, that would be the joy of being part of this momentous event with happy people that are like-minded, friendly and with whom I have a wonderful rapport. People who inspire me to be bigger than me for the cause of positive political change and who also inspire me to that state.


I see myself flowing from event to event easily. I see safety and peace as the highest priority and that safety and peace are maintained for everyone, but that also we are also a large and powerful group with the capability to have gentle but strong political power that is in alignment with the greatest good for all.

And that whatever happens while I am there, I am happy, comfortable and safe. And that the people I come into contact with are happy, comfortable and safe.

Once I am at the event for which I have projected energy, this usually looks like a flow of those types of people and experiences toward me. They come to me with great synchronicity, and if other experiences are around (hostile rioting, onerous political grumbling, etc) they do not typically come in contact with me if I do this type of work first.

These energies are coming out of a different manifesting, with their own intentions and future projections of what would happen in Philadelphia.

HOMEWORK: Try this out in a very basic way. Try it for an appointment that you have tomorrow. Or one workday next week. Or for a party you will be attending.

It is amazing how things line up and it is a great way to start having the faith that if you can line things up for the little stuff, you can also line things up for the big stuff.

After you have tried the homework, please leave a comment and let me know how your experience went! Do you already do this? What is your technique? Is it different that what I have written? Please share any tips!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: One thing I did not get into in this post is when you are part of another person or organization’s manifestations. That  post will come next!

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