Energetic Assistance in Vermont

Picking Rhubarb in Vermont: The Energetic Assistance That Got Me Free

Energetic Assistance in Vermont

In my last post I pondered whether I would be “picking rhubarb in Vermont” at any time in the near future. With the energetic assistance I received before the move, I was able to be supported enough to make the leap.

Well, I have been so busy with my new life in Vermont that I have not been able to write for many months.

Back in October when I was presenting my new life as Indigo, I mentioned that I was doing energy work with a woman whom I had worked with once before with great results (see #1 in the Energetic Assistance list below).

The aftermath of the first healing session was almost an immediate change of course for my life in my desired direction.

And now it has happened again with a second healing session and my subsequent move to Vermont.

Actually, in October there were three dynamic energies in my life that I feel had a direct impact on my physical world.

1. Energy work with Janice http://www.totalradianthealth.com

The first shift occurred with my energy work with a woman named Janice. She does an energy work called Synergy Energetics, and presents it in the form of group work and private sessions. She offers a monthly group workshop at the yoga studio I was enjoying before I left New Jersey, and I decided to join in her workshop in July. It was from there that my learning and involvement with permaculture took off the following month.

2. Life Coaching with Lily http://vujadesign.org/

At the Permaculture Design Course I took in August, I met a woman named Lily who had recently become a life coach. I had worked with a muggle life coaching before and had not been impressed, but Lily’s coaching is different because it is meant for those who were born with an insatiable mission to help the world become a better place for all of its inhabitants and for the planet.

Yes, Indigo Adults… That’s Us!

She offered me a coaching session and while the exercises she presented were simple, they were also powerful and have stuck with me since the day we worked together. I feel that Lily’s work not only works on an energetic level, but it also clarifies the mental level of manifestation. That being said, I feel that it is especially transformational on the SUBCONSCIOUS mental level (though no hypnotism or NLP occurs with in the session), and therefore more powerful because many of the thousands of choices we make each day are subconscious. Those thousands of little subconscious choices are enough to nudge one’s life into a majorly different (and better) direction after a few weeks or months.

I didn’t actually feel an energy shift occur within the session (which is strange for me, because I usually do), but in the days that followed I felt like my future path had been slightly adjusted (in the correct direction) making it easier to follow the vision I have been putting forth for several months.

3. Energetic boost from Xara: http://www.changeyourlifespells.com/

I feel a little silly adding this because I really cannot be sure if there is a real person behind this site or if I am just adding to my focused vision when I write out the description of what I am seeking from her in terms of a spell, but I must say that believe I can feel the energy shift when she performs the spell, and then I see a positive outcome that often comes in the days that follow.

I was on her site a lot before I moved and I feel that her energetic assistance gave my intentions a boost that really pushed me into this new life in Vermont.

And even if no one is actually listening, it’s kind of nice to have a place to type out my desires and let them go into the digital ethers.

But I think she’s for real, and I am grateful for her help.

The combination of all this transformational energetic assistance was awesome and sometimes overwhelming (which I will write about in another post), but ultimately very beneficial to my well-being because it moved me out of a very destructive place for my soul to a space where it is relatively easy to stay in balance.

Additionally, I am one step closer to living a life rooted in the earth and in permaculture.

I am very grateful for that, and I wanted to share the energetic encouragement that I believe has helped me on my path.

If anything I have written today resonates with you, I pray that you follow that calling and that what I have presented helps you as well or better than it has helped me.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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