the pendulum swings

And the Pendulum Will Swing…

I  let the dust settle in the United States before writing again.

Don’t lose heart.

If you think of when you play on a swing and pump your legs, you swing forward a little farther.

And then you swing backward equally as high.

And then you pump your legs as you move forward again and go even higher.

the pendulum swings

And so it continues.

The next four years is likely to bring overt oppression in a way we have not seen in previous years.

But it will also bring the realization of the oppression to more people.

If you break the people into 1% and 99% economically or socially, you must then break down the 99%.

So you have 99% of the population…

Of the 99%, perhaps only 10% realize they are the the 99%…

The other 89% gets mad at that 10% for rocking the boat by trying to get more well-being for the 99% (pumping their legs while moving forward on the swing).

Soon there will be more of us who see who the government is really there to benefit.

And that is why we, the indigos, are here.

Indigos create the energy of change before the change. We meditate. We project energy into future reality. We take action when it is the right time (not just to take action for the sake of action).

And we keep the energy in balance so that the energy around the shift is clean. You will know the time to work with the energy and the time to take action…

That is how the Bernie Sanders Phenomena happens. Right action at the right time with the right leader.

Keep your eye on your vision of a better world. If you think this is all happening without energetic support, then you don’t have an awareness of energy.

So maybe we, as the American population, needed to be pushed down again, to be inspired to get up and leap forward even harder.

Maybe, in a weird way, that is exactly what needs to happen for more people to be more active toward to recreate a government that actually serves the people.

Haven’t you ever been spurred to strong action from a giant & uncomfortable wake-up call on a personal level?

For me, the first time on the bathroom scale after the holidays reminds me with a “giant & uncomfortable wake-up call” that it is time to be extra stringent about what I am eating. And that’s a good thing.

And I hope I am wrong about this pendulum. I hope the shift is gentle. And we get cracking at things like the well-being of the planet immediately.

So if I wrong about the pendulum, that’s great, too.

But in the meantime, keep you mind on the world that you want to see in the future… that we are creating energetically in the future.

With enough people/indigos doing so, that better future is inevitable.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

P.S.: A relevant video…


2 thoughts on “And the Pendulum Will Swing…”

  1. How are lower taxes, a record high stock market since the day after the election, business growth, more jobs and more freedom (less regulation) an “overt oppression” for this country?

    He’s not even president yet, so I don’t understand how you already know that Trump is going to destroy this country and that an open socialist like Bernie Sanders was the right candidate. What country has socialism worked better than democracy?

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but I’m really tired of all the negative and fake stories of him when he hasn’t even taken the job yet.

    1. This blog is not news. It is commentary from an energetic non-physical point of view.

      We are now +100 days in to Trump’s presidency and I stand by what I wrote.

      Who knew Walmart, Bank of America and Phillip Morris would all be vocal about supporting the Paris Agreement? There’s the pendulum I was talking about.
      Paris Agreement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
      (If you don’t want to sit through the whole video, you can go to 16:15.)

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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