Are you part of someone else’s manifestation?


Last week I wrote about projecting energy into your future so that future events and moments can have the energetic quality that you desire.

The idea behind last week’s post is that if you do that deliberately, you can shift the vibration of the future event deliberately and consciously.

Everybody already projects into the future, but most people DO NOT do it consciously.

So what if you come in contact with an individual or organization that is projecting into the future (regardless of whether it is conscious or not) and you become part of their manifestation.

Well, first of all, is their manifestation something that matches what you want?

If so, then that is a great blessing. Not only can you go along for the ride but you can contribute and make the future vision even stronger.

But what if what the other person or individual or organization is manifesting something you don’t want?

Then you have a few choices to make.

  • Sometimes you can completely jump ship and leave the situation.

This is the fastest and usually the cleanest way to deal, but can sometimes lead to severing ties that are important in other ways.

  • You can flow with the manifestation, which might be good because then you do not have to struggle against the energy someone else is creating even if you did not choose it initially or deliberately.

Sometimes an outside manifestation does not look good until it arrives. If you trust the other person’s judgment then going on their “ride” might be good.

  • You can flat out resist it in the physical realm.

This might or might not work, depending on how much power the person or organization has over you and how powerful the vision is that the individual or organization created.

Also, this can lead to great emotional struggle and upset. That’s ok but uncomfortable.

  • You can shift the energy and do your best to disengage from the other person’s energy of manifestation.

This is probably the best choice, even if you are also choosing another option above (like removing yourself from the situation or going with the flow).

Now here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Let’s say that there is a husband and wife. The wife envisions herself as the breadwinner of the household, and not only sees that as part of her identity but also enjoys the power and feels good from providing for the family.

The husband had the capabilities to manifest work before they met and would have those capabilities again if they were to separate.

But her sole vision and manifestation as the breadwinner, now and forever, cuts her husband’s abilities to get consistent work and also be a provider for the family.

From the outside it looks like he was not getting work because he’s failing, but if the situation changed within a short time after marriage, then it could also be the manifestation of the other person, especially if the husband is passive and willing to go along with the manifestations of the wife (even if it is subconscious) to maintain peace in the marriage.

If he wants to shift back to bringing in money the way he did before the marriage so that he could work and feel powerful and happy, then he could use some disengaging energetic techniques to clear her projections and manifestations out of his field.

Additionally, he could add that an important element is maintaining or adding to the love and peace in the marriage while also empowering himself.

I have talked about specific energetic clearings in other posts so I won’t go into those meditations here, but consistent work  by the husband to clear and balance his energy field while also projecting into the future both marital bliss and a kick-ass job would help the husband in this example.

Then the solution flows in naturally, rather than being reached for, and it can allow the peace in the marriage to flourish.

It’s tough, though.

One must have faith that such things are on the way and not grow impatient with the current situation. The future reality of manifesting can look so good when it is on its way that one cannot help but leap prematurely at things that will not truly bring in the desired vibration.

But when it is time for action, the action will feel good and the time will feel ripe.

And it will come, as long at the inner work has been done consistently.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: Indigo adults are often psychically wide open, and so are somewhat susceptible to being part of an individual or organization’s manifestations. Thank goodness indigos are also really vocal about who they are. They usually pull away from a situation that takes them out of their truth, but if the indigo chooses to go into a situation against who they know themselves to be, it takes a toll on him or her. This is a big cause for indigos getting out of alignment, even if it is a minor choice against one’s core.

PPS: You way you can tell if you are part of another person’s manifestations or projections if you are making choices that are not things you want, yet you make that choice anyway.

Often it looks like you saying, “Why did I choose that restaurant? I hate that restaurant.”

Does it line up with what the other person wants? Maybe it is their favorite restaurant?

Then, in this example, you are likely lining up with the other person’s manifestation of the situation (picking a great place for dinner).

The other way to know if you are part of another person’s manifestation is to notice when something coming into your life does not match what you have been deliberately manifesting energetically and that doesn’t really thrill you.

If you have been busy working on your business and don’t really care whether or not you have a boyfriend right now, but this guy comes in and suddenly you are dating and you can’t even remember how it got to that point nor are you that excited about it, then you are likely part of his manifestation, especially if you are indifferent to having a boyfriend.  It can still be nice and you can still choose it, and it might thrill you later on because it could be happy good fortune that has flowed to you, but it could also be a distraction from the manifestations you were enjoying when he stepped into your life.

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