PART 5 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Marijuana

This is Part 5 of a 6 part series on Indigo Adults and substances.

Today we well be covering marijuana…

First of all, I want to start by saying that all that I am about to say is through personal experience. There are lots of scientific experiments that cover the physical effects of marijuna, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find articles that cover the energetic effects.

Today I realized that I sort of dug myself into a hole because I don’t really know much about marijuana… or rather… it’s affect on indigo adults.

I personally am repelled by it. And again, I have my theories, but I can’t really say for sure that this is a fully accurate assessment because in this post I’m going to write more about muggles than about indigo adults.

Muggles are drawn to marijuana to acquire the skills that come naturally to indigo adults.

My ex… the Petunia… LOVED pot and always compared his experience on pot to the things that I described as my day to day life as an indigo adult.

The telepathy, the empathic ability to feel into things and people… He got it, sort of… His closest point of reference was achieved by his use of weed.

So if alcohol opens the heart chakra, as mentioned in my last post, marijuana opens up the third eye.

This makes me think that pot is probably not helpful for most indigos, because they are already quite open in the third eye (unless they have closed up due to circumstance) and would not recommend pot for the already-open indigo child or adult.

But I have written before that I feel that it is the empathic skills of an indigo that is what will bring world peace to this planet and that if muggles must use this substance to acheive this state, then perhaps it is a good thing.

The problem, however, is that marijuana is typically smoked, like cigarettes, and so closes the heart chakra.

What I typically feel empathically when there are muggles that are high around me is that they are moving through the world looking at everything and experiencing it on a very personal and connected level, and have the awareness that all other is just another form of self, but that there is a weird disconnect that I can’t put my finger on.

It’s like an icky passiveness that gives me a sense that they’re not really there.

Perhaps it is that their passion is not really there (which comes from the heart chakra – closed from smoking the pot) and that weirds me out a bit.

I haven’t been around enough people that use marijuana in ways other than smoking to put my finger on whether it is the smoking or it is the substance… My guess is that it’s a little of both.

All I know is that I have dated a number of pot smokers and it always feels like they’re not there when they’re high. They’ve checked out and their touch feels icky to me when they’re high.

I think I was probably drawn to them because I sensed in their field the capacity to feel into other things, and mistakenly thought they were indigo.

Then, discovering that it was really the drug that opens up their 3rd eye, I am repelled and often the relationship is done shortly after they get high around me the first time.

I’m not puritanical about this, I just know how it feels to me. And it’s not good. (though, I must admit, I do like the smell)

This is often why one’s reaction to marijuana is very unpredictable.

See, with alcohol, the reaction is predictable, because it opens the heart chakra and the heart is a person’s core. That’s what the person radiates. (now the post-alcohol reaction varies depending on environment/circumstance as I mentioned in my last post)

But with pot, the third eye is open, which means the individual is taking in all this information outside him or her, from the environment, psychically. So the environment is dictating the experience… not the person’s heart/essence.

I don’t like that aspect either. And that’s why people get so paranoid on it… they get into an environment where that is floating around the ether… the high individual is going to pick up on that along with everything else coming at them.

BOTTOM LINE: I would say that most indigo adults that are already open should stay away from this. Muggles? Dunno. I’m not one so I can’t say if it helps or not. I suppose like everything else there is an upside and a downside. I just know that I am repelled by it.

(Side Note: I do advocate it medicinally and think it is tremendously helpful for people who need to increase their appetites or relieve pain)

I would love to hear other indigo adult and empath views on this one. I understand that many indigos are big fans of pot and I don’t understand this.

51 thoughts on “PART 5 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Marijuana”

  1. I just came across your blog and I think it’s wonderful. I agree with what you say about pot. I too am repelled by it. I can always tell when someone is high on pot or has smoked it. They give off this icky vibe. That’s such a good way to explain it. It IS like they’re not really there. One of my good friends smokes pot a lot, and it’s always a little sad to me when we go to a concert or event and she smokes up because it’s like she is checking out. Only a part of her is there, and then I feel like I’m babysitting all night. But maybe it does give non-indigos more of an indigo experience, because when I’ve asked my friends who smoke why they smoke, they mostly say because it makes them more creative or intuitive etc. And I’m always like “well, why do you need that to be creative?” and I have a hard time understanding it because the few times that I tried pot it made me a complete vegetable and was not the slightest bit enjoyable at all. It’s very interesting to think about.

    1. I find it interesting, too. Especially because it’s not an across-the-board thing. It’s not like all indigos dislike pot. Some are strongly repelled by it, while others love it.

      My best guess is that the ones that love it are the ones that are disconnected, and they are using it to reconnect or to simulate reconnecting.

      But even when I disconnect, pot has never been very helpful. Creative? Maybe. But I don’t really need substances to take me there and pot makes me very undisciplined. So while I might come up with something brilliant, I probably won’t remember it or write it down.

      And if I’m going to use a substance to help me with creativity, caffeine or alcohol works much better for me. But even then, alcohol gets in the way a lot. Caffeine helps because if I can keep up with my thoughts, caffeine will just turbocharge my normal thought process, which is already quite creative.

      Let me know when your site is up, Indigo Dojo. I look forward to seeing what you post.

  2. All I know is pot has reconnected me to God(and truth) after being brainwashed in the military. I have many of the indigo qualities, including the bowl chart.(i’d like to mention that I’m trying to disprove my indigo qualities in order to find out the truth about myself, but have only strengthened the notion). I’m now in a progressing music career that feels like my mission now.I might like to also mention that alcohol and caffeine kill WAAAAYYYYY more people than weeds, which kills nobody.

    1. Ok. I’m not down on it for everyone… Just doesn’t work for me too well.

      Thank you for commenting and I wish you great joy and success with your music career.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

    2. I believe it is helpful to a indigo considering I’m one my self. I tested out a theory of mine. I meditated after I smoked pot and my mom saw my multi colored aura when she walked in the room and I was glowing. May sound weird but its true. I guess it made me more in tune cause of the quite atmosphere. And it never closes my third eye if done with a good intention



    1. I agree, Nicholas.

      For example, I don’t like taking “drugs” even as benign as acetaminophen, but I will occasionally take a Tylenol if I have a strong headache that I can’t shake.

      I will even say that the headache is most likely energetic and if I sat down and took the time to sort it out in an energetic way, which often works for me, I could get rid of it without using a “drug” to “avoid” the pain of the headache, but at that moment, it is not practical or effective enough or I am, energetically , not ready to let go of the headache.

      Thank you for your comments.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  4. I find your statement about pot to be pretty true. I am very susceptible to alcohol (partially because of the alcoholic genes), but pot has never even done anything to me. Because of the group of friends I was with I tried it about a half dozen times and noticed absolutely no change at all when using it.

  5. I agree with your point that everyone is different in regard to using pot and its effects but i have to say that as an indigo in a family of indigos i disagree with it being negative and also that indigos only use it to reopen the third eye. it is a piece of nature, given to us to appreciate and like many other things is not meant for everyone…when it comes to paranoia that really depends on the quality and care shown towards the plant and chemicals added to it in the growing process. organically grown herb has no sketchy feelings and no headaches. as an indigo i do not use this to escape or highten anything. it is a part of my diet much like oxygen and food is. I am against processed foods and caffeine bc of their negative effects on me but pot is something i believe was given as a gift from the mother. i am more talkative, more open, my energy is very strong and when not using it my energy is equal to that. pot is a good thing that can be used for many positive reasons and I have to at least say that much. opinions are opinions…

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      This post, and this entire blog, is very much an opinion-based blog.

      I was speaking on my own experiences and my observations of other people. I don’t know if you got to all the pages on my site, but one of them mentions that the initial reason I started this blog was because I have a relative who is an indigo adult who dove into substances to deal with her abilities, while I decided to learn about my abilities and experience them as fully as I could.

      For this relative, I think that marijuana was not helpful because it didn’t help her gain an understanding of her abilities.

      And I feel that I have seen that with many indigo adults it doesn’t help.

      And it didn’t help for me.

      There were times that I was more talkative and open, but it very much depended on the collective that was present. Other times it would make me completely shut down and I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone. And, again, I think that it was due to the collective around me.

      For that reason, I found it very unpredictable (because at the time, I didn’t get that I was intuitively reading the energetic of the group) and just opened me up psychically to a lot more than I am already open to (which is a lot on its own).

      But I don’t claim to know how it will effect everyone.

      I also mentioned in this post that this was the substance I knew the least about and I very much appreciate your comment and all the comments that have been left because I’m learning, too.

      ~ Peace ~
      Indigo Leslie

      1. Hi Leslie! I know this article is probably around 10 years old or so, but I have just recently discovered that I am an indigo and I saw your post about indigos and marijuana. I scoured through the comments hoping I could find a similar experience with weed to mine, but the only words that really resonated with me were your own. I was curious about what you meant about the collective? Is it the energy the people around you have or something different? You said that you found the high to be very unpredictable because you were unknowingly reading the group around you? That is very interesting to me because it kind of puts into words what I feel.. if that makes sense.

        I have always felt different than my peers while high from weed; I act differently, I think differently, and I almost never enjoy my experience around them. Sometimes I feel like I have changed into a different person. Especially if I am in a group with people, or smoke and go into public, I can almost never calm the thoughts and images flying through my head, or control my actions.

        It’s a weird thing to try to explain… and I also have experienced that crazy intense ringing/buzzing feeling in my head one of your commentors mentioned. However, if I am alone in a safe space I have deemed okay to feel that way in I will most likely have a more positive experience.

        I have tried to explain to some friends what happens in my mind but they never seem to understand and it makes me think it doesn’t happen to other people.. or at least no one is talking about it. I am really new to the idea of being an indigo but honestly it just explains so much.

        Thanks for reading and I hope you see this! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

      2. You know, that post has gotten SO MUCH feedback since I wrote it over a decade ago.

        I feel like I should make a new post about it.

        Some people are really angry about what I have written and some send positive feedback.

        Then there is my own exploration of the topic in the last decade… especially the use of CBD for insomnia which is kind of a grey area, based on what I wrote a decade ago.

        Thank you for your feedback on my writing. I am glad that you enjoyed my writing.

        I guess the bottom line is that all people react differently and I have learned that some of that has to do with the chemical content of the cannabis, so that is a factor I learned recently and did not talk about in the original article.

        But I do think that empaths have different experience with substances. And as I have gotten older, have have grown nuance in understanding of this

        I may do a new article on the topic, and your comment (and others) are encouraging me toward that direction.

        We are always learning, aren’t we?

        Thank you for your comment.

        ~ Peace ~

        Indigo Leslie

  6. Holla there. I’ve been using “pot”, haha, for almost 10 years and it was goooood time. Trough all that time I was dancing and the combination is pretty strong. Weed was sending me to a world where I was living only with the music I hear and i could describe it trugh movement. Now I can go in this world whenever I want, because I got gareden of pot 😀 Joke. I don’t smoke anymore. I don’t need to, but still – green time was wonderful too 🙂

    Yo, people, everithing is drugs! Emotions, toughts, food, vibes, music(art at all), friends. It is an endless list. This topic has no sence and it is fun in the same time.
    Much love!

  7. i agree with indigos not needing pot for raising their frequencies.
    However I do not agree that alcohol opens the heart chakra because on alcohol people get obnoxious and living through the heart is like being a child who will not harm anyone as hes happy already. Also alcohol lowers spiritual energy.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Wouldn’t you say, though, that while children are very innocent and loving, they also throw temper tantrums and push each other when they are mad? Two year olds live in their emotional world.

      I understand what you mean by alcohol lowering spiritual energy and I agree with that. Most substances do.

      Perhaps “opening the heart chakra” was the wrong way to put it, but because the heart chakra is where the emotional body is centered, and alcohol opens people to acting on their emotions (often without thinking), it seemed like the right way to describe it.

      Maybe “without thinking” is the key. There is the same emotional world – no change to the heart chakra – but the emotions are not connecting to the third eye, the vision of the impact one’s behavior will have should one act on every wave of emotion passing through the heart.

      Or perhaps alcohol overemphasizes the root chakra, urging people to act on base urges without any processing through any of the higher chakras. Actually, I like that idea better, because alcohol can also be quite grounding (if you want to look for an upside).

      Your comment has caused me to look closer at the assertions I have made. Thank you!

      I would love to hear what you think about this response!

      ~ Indigo Leslie ~

  8. As an Indigo, raised by “hippie” parents in northern California, pot is normal and accepted. I never felt as if I was using marijuana to hide and never get paranoid… It was the same as having a cup of tea.
    My parents warned me of the risks of other drugs, mainly cig’s, booze and the hard stuff. I never dabbled in destructive drug use. Therefor I feel as if I earned the right to indulge in one of the many gifts the Earth has bestowed upon us. Plant medicine is sacred and wonderful. For me, Marijuana has been a beautiful teacher.Bless this herb!

  9. I think this article shows a clear connection between indigos and marijuana use:

    The first wave were born in the 50’s and then there was a break before the second wave came in the 80’s and beyond. As each of those generations come of age, you see a spike in lifetime usage.

    Marijuana is peace and love in a plant. It enhances all of the senses, opens the mind, and can even cure cancer!

    See also the documentary “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?”

    It stands for everything the coming age of Aquarius believes in. Peace, love, healing, creativity, psychic ability, and understanding.

    The still (for now) in power Pisces, who favor money, power, greed, and war felt threatened by this plant that foreshadowed the end of their age, not realizing the good that will come of it.

    Marijuana was originally outlawed due to racism against Hispanics in the 1930’s. By the 1970’s research was beginning to show signs that the plant cured cancer. Pharmaceutical companies tried effortlessly to isolate it’s anti-inflammatory, appetite inducing, anxiety relieving,and anti-depressive characteristics, but could never develop a product that was more effective in patients than the unadulterated plant.

    The greed of the pharmaceutical companies, along with their money, were able to persuade a continued policy of prohibition to prevent the loss of billions of dollars in sales to the everyday man growing his own medicine. Nixon, faced with the first wave of indigos protesting his War in Vietnam, and openly consuming cannabis, was more than happy to declare a War on Drugs, to put an end to this peaceful threat to his way of understanding.

    “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…” Genesis 1:29

    God gave us this plant to help us heal the world. It helps the mind heal itself from psychological baggage from the past, or even past lives.

    The end of prohibition has to be a part of our agenda. It’s part of what we have to fix about this world.

  10. Hi All,

    I’ve been debating this issue of marijuana- and why I have used it as an indigo for so many years and how I always struggle to determine if it is ultimately right or not. I guess id say its been both for me- but when it comes down to it it has been a wonderful medicine and I feel people forget that for some people it is VASTLY better than taking a chemical sedative for anxiety. I’ve always been a very sensitive clairvoyant person- my experience of things is vastly heightened because I pick up on so many things… when I was younger I used it as anti anxiety, now i love the relaxing effects and I’d much rather have a couple of hits VS a glass of wine (alchohol is so much worse for the body) If I come home from an insane day at the office, to a rampaging 3 year old– and ah the lovely reality of being a sensetive indigo in corporate america… a glass of wine or a little herb to me seems trivial. I don’t like the toxic feeling of alchohol or drugs- and don’t feel MJ is in that league. I struggle with societies perception of this herb and don’t really understand the big fuss. I came here to find out other indigo’s experience of using mj and to evaluate. My hope is that the more consious and connected I become the less I’ll want it. As indigo’s we recieve so much but our human filters determine our response. My human filter isn’t always ok or knows how to interpret what i am recieving and grace plunges me forward to purification– which yall know can sting a big. in truth there is nothing wrong with pot— an addict, abuser, escapism= BAD… but in truth it serves a lot of good people. Would love to hear more on this!

  11. I started using pot after a HARD time with stress and bad energies around me, it makes me see the bigger picture and makes me feel quiet and more happy, I went before to professional help to ask help and they said I should go to the Psychiatrist to get medicine for my depression of not belonging to this world and not finding my home or take some medicine that comes from a “natural plant” something like marihuana, so I started smoking again just to relax alone and that helped me with my depression and suicide ideas, thanks to weed now I can be reading this instead of being in the hospital, weed made me remember about my real me and after 8 years I re goggled Indigo people and I don’t feel lonely anymore reading a lot of experiences
    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  12. Hello.
    I am not sure if I am officially an indigo but have always felt I was, along with my two siblings. My parents were not very open to the idea at all, but luckily they raised the three of us with music. Because of this, I felt as is I wasn’t where I belonged. I became depressed and just kind of unbalanced and disconnected, from what I would call the truth. I have always known I’ve had psychic abilities. Mostly aura-reading. Anyway, my point is that the natural medicine in marijuana was very soothing and positive for me. I was able to see my third eye, something I felt I have done many times before, and I’m now practicing psychic readings. I have felt in touch with the truth and the spirit for the first time in many years. I find this plant very capable of having healing powers. But I have also seen what it does to “muggles.” These people just don’t seem to be on the same wavelength as us. They aren’t used to psychic feelings etc. They start using it to escape and eventually it becomes chaotic. I think if used for the right reasons, it can be very beneficial

    1. Interesting.

      I’ve had a bit of a different experience.

      Before I created that post, I found that most of the indigo adults, empaths and intuitives I knew didn’t care for marijuana because they already were incredibly open in that regard and that that just made everything they were picking up “louder” so to speak. I know that was the case with me.

      But since that post, I have had many, many indigo adults tell me that they find profuse benefit in the plant. So I guess it is different for everyone. But I guess that’s why I was uncomfortable with it… because I never knew how I was going to react. My reaction was very erratic, based on the strength of the plant and the “vibes” floating around the room.

      A glass of wine is much more predictable for me. And I typically use wine to close me off a bit when things are coming at me too fast on a psychic level.

      I’m glad you find marijuana beneficial and that it has helped you reconnected with your intuitive abilities. I wrote that series of posts because I find the usefulness in these “medicines” as tools, and it sounds like that’s what you have discovered, too.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply…

      That link is great! The post was very interesting but it took me a while to get through and I want to respond to it thoughtfully.

      First of all, like rose-rosetree, you would be surprised how vehemently people have written about the benefits of pot. Usually it’s got a bit of edge to it, which makes me wonder if it really mellows people out in the long run.

      That being said, these are the two statements I like the most from her post:

      “Repeated trips, via pot, have caused her to identify with her astral body more than her physical body. She cares more passionately about astral life, at the particular plane where she travels, than about human life.”

      Accumulated astral-level debris, from cords of attachment to problems from childhood to significant amounts of hard-to-remove debris that become attached to an aura every single time a person smokes pot. I call all this debris STUFF.

      I agree with both of these statements, though it also made me ask some new questions.

      If the bit about relating more to the astral body is true, then how to highly successful people on the physical plane who are (or were) known pot smokers (Michael Phelps, Bill Clinton, Kevin Smith) become successful on the earth plane?

      And if we pick up all this debris while high on pot, if we go to energetically clean places with clear intentions of using the pot for well being, then is the attachment of STUFF likely to happen? I am thinking of the Native American use of pot for medicinal and/or religious purposes… with a direct and positive intention in an energetically clean place (like a forest).

      Great comment, though! Thank you for sharing it!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  13. Hi everyone! so happy to have found this site. Im a second wave indigo and I relate to your post because lately I have been thinking about using some kind of substance to stop my mind from thinking too much. I dont like planet earth and the rules that apply here (for the moment) the confusion between free will and destiny, the bad things that happen to us, the world is just full of suffering that I cant stand. I agree with what you say about others trying to feel the way we do and in fact their souls are trying to connect to the source, we can do that easely, the downside of it is that we or I should say, I cant ground myself to the earth, its a battle so I wish I was more human in that way, its one of the indigo’s goal to live in between. I dont think I will use drugs for the moment, I will try to meditate and excersice, other thing I need to do is to appreciate the good things of this world, there has to be something good, right? at least I should have thought that before incarnating here! anyway thank you for this site.

    1. I wasn’t going to post your comment or reply, because your comment treads the line of spam, but it is clear that you read the post and so I changed my mind. And I like to think that I have a liberal idea of what comments are valuable. I like them to be based on what has been written and have an opinion, even if I don’t share it.

      Your comment has this.

      First of all, the muggle thing. I have a list of definitions that I created and they are based on pop culture references.

      Do you know why?

      Because it is a common ground for most human beings on this planet. I’m sure there is someone somewhere who has not seen or read the Harry Potter movies/books, but that is few and far between.

      So in an effort to convey something that is challenging to convey with descriptive words, especially to those who haven’t had strange indigo adult experiences, I use the universal language of pop culture.

      Then you mentioned the word “icky”.

      Well, ok. I’m an indigo adult who talks like a valley girl, so… like… whatever.

      Just kidding.

      Listen, this is not a professional blog. This is a space that I have created for myself to record my own insights and to share with others, with the hopes that maybe they can garner some wisdom from it and that perhaps I can garner wisdom back from receiving comments.

      And this has been the successful dynamic for the +2 years I have been writing this blog.

      Just as a side note about blogging: most experts will tell you that you should blog as you speak. You can check out the material on and in the book <a href="
      “>Problogger. You can also go to The Challenge and they will tell you the same thing. The idea is communication, not to create a dissertation.

      And, alas, I do use the word “icky”. And it does clearly describe something.

      So I feel I used it successfully.

      Third: Reflection.

      I reflect daily. I reflected on your comments and this is the result.

      Is there anything else that needs reflecting?

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie


    1. I agree that labels suck, and despite having a blog called The Indigo Adults, I also have never been comfortable with any label. Still, how else would we have found each other? 🙂

      It is useful in that regard.

      ~ Peace ~
      Indigo Leslie

  15. Hey, I know no ones commented here in a long time, but I’m glad you’re taking the time to consistently document your feelings and experiences as a more energetically/spiritually aware person. I personally am a younger “indigo” and haven’t had the stability to delve into all of my energetic experiences and feelings and really get involved in knowing myself. Now that I’ve graduated high school I have the time, but am somewhat weary and quite frankly purposefully distant from the much-rejected energetic/spiritual practices. Leading me to my personal experience with weed that I’d like to share with you.

    When I first tried marijuana(last year of middle school) I had an awesome experience, like a lot of people, the world seemed to light up and I became that much more intimate with reality. I immediately began to indulge and want to experience it more, which resulted in me surrounding myself with others that also enjoyed the experience of smoking weed(bad idea). The more I smoked with these people the more I realized it was the only thing we had in common. Also smoking became too much of a habit that just had to be done before nearly every event(eating, watching a movie, just going out in general, almost everything). Smoking transformed from a mere event to synchronize and have a happy feeling with friends to a habit and then a form of self medication.

    As I got older I began to realize that I really didn’t like this world or rather the way people live in it, and so I smoked to escape(and of course while continuing to do so with friends “just because”). Eventually the entire habit backfired while living for a few months in the “hood/ghetto”. Third eye open, I noticed more and more that I could almost read peoples thoughts and moreover that I could feel when a person’s attention was on me, particularly a group of people. My audio perception was enhanced as well so I could hear things effortlessly such as bits and pieces of a conversation happening on the other side of a street that I’m walking down(I think this extreme spike in awareness also had to do with a subconscious feeling of danger, as if I were in a threatening situation). Long story short I moved out of the ghetto out of necessity, and left the habit of smoking marijuana there; but also a piece of myself.

    Before I was a very openhearted, outgoing person, I could connect with anyone and make friends, and had a general nice-guy/cool-kid personality. After having a somewhat uncomfortable experience in that hostile environment while my third eye was open and mind exposed(under the influence of marijuana) throughout it, culminating into a somewhat traumatic experience where I was repeatedly called gay for being different, and not just by one but a slew of people that had nothing better to do with there time but watch me. I feel my soul was injured by it all and I began to feel anxiety in crowds, places where there were too many people for my liking, and just in general/ anywhere i could be observed by others; whereas before this never used to bother me.

    So that’s the gist of my experience with marijuana. The last time I did smoke however, just shortly after removing myself from that negative environment; I had an interesting awakening? I don’t want to go on much further but, I’d just like to tell you what happened. I smoked, everything was normal, I decided to meditate a bit on a candle. After the meditation while sitting at the computer and listening to some music I began to hear something in the background, like voices talking nearby, but I dismissed this as paranoia and continued minding my own. After sitting for a while and insisting that I did hear something I checked the house and of course I was alone. So after a bout of joking with myself in the mirror telling myself that I’m a nut and playing around with various accents on my voice something my family is famous for doing(the accent bit). I sat back down at the computer to finish chilling listening to music and all. Still high from the marijuana I swear to myself that there is a sound or something maybe not voices but a sound nonetheless. I removed my headphones and began to listen intently for whatever this sound was which sounded to me like white noise, but in the absence of a TV being on, something like the sound of electricity running through a house.

    1. A while back there was a post that offered this link:

      I found the information there very insightful and it seemed to match with what you were saying in your comments.

      And I have also had that sensation of “hearing” electricity and find it rather uncomfortable. I’ve been looking for a pattern that may cause that sensation in me and the closest thing are (1) massive solar flares, as we have been having lately and (2) when I make such a huge vibrational shift that it is actually physically uncomfortable. The huge shift is typically from travel between an energetically dense place to an energetically clean place, or vice versa (like Vegas to Sedona).

      Have you smoked more recently? I’m not encouraging it, but maybe it was just something weird about what you smoked. Or have you heard that noise since the experience you described in your comments?

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  16. As I listened evermore intently the sound began to get louder and louder until all I could hear was a roaring white noise in my ears/head like a massive waterfall. Then a cracking noise from the pineal gland area and the noise subsided a bit, but all of a sudden there while I sat I was bathed, my entire being, in a beautiful golden-white light which enveloped me and for lack of a better word; gave me an orgasmic feeling in every fiber of my being that was all I knew for the time that I was in it. My eyes were open but it was all i saw. I felt loved and protected. When it stopped my third eye was pulsing and there was some sort of energy in my head going from the third eye to the top of my head and back down to the third eye and it was soooo powerful it was nearly painful. There’s more, but I’ll just end by saying that from that moment on I could forever hear that white noise, and it doesn’t dominate my hearing, its just a faint sound in the background that i think is like the heartbeat of the universe/consciousness/creation. The sound of the matrix itself. I’m still working on recovering my natural un-anxious state of being, but I guess I traded a piece of myself for an everlasting experience of what I believe is God itself, I’d say its voice and its beautiful.

  17. The thing is I still hear that sound 24/7 so I know its not simply the electricity. Like before I started hearing it I could easily hear the electricity running through appliances and the walls of the house, which sounded/sounds similar to what I can hear since the awakening/experience. The difference is though that I can always hear it no matter where I am, notably if there is too much noise in the surrounding environment, when I try to hear the sound it is drowned out; but I know its still there and whenever I get back to a quieter place I immediately can hear it again faint ringing ever-present.

    In answer to your question about marijuana use, I abstained from smoking it for about a month, until a buddy of mine came to visit from out of town and of course,since smoking marijuana was part of our previous bond,(I still feel like I have a little in common with this particular friend, compared to the others.) he really wanted me to smoke with him. So I decided to test the waters again but very slowly and cautiously. I self-moderated instead of smoking the entire blunt, rather I took a few hits and said I was through. That’s when I could feel the odd sensations drifting over me of being hyper-aware yet kind of dazed. From that point, I kept smoking with him until he left back home, a little more everyday, which seemed alright; but I still didn’t enjoy the feeling nearly as much. In fact the little desire I had to be high was overcome by the new feeling I kept getting when smoking. The feeling is like being too aware of everything, hyper-stimulated, there’s more to it but that’s the best I can describe it.

    After hanging with Travis(The Homie) for those few weeks, I stopped smoking again. When I finally tried it again(months later) I must have smoked too much too fast and the ringing got loud and the buzzing feeling in my pineal gland got intense, so intense that it felt like my head was going to explode or something, like an extremely powerful energy current was running through it. And so, that’s the feeling I get when smoking now, unless I smoke a tiny bit for a consistent amount of time, and then smoke a little bit more. Kind of like when you slowly get in a pool so you aren’t shocked by the cold.

    P.S. Thanks for your interest, and yes I read the article you provided before my initial comment. It does seem like what I commented about except for the fact that for me the feeling of being too-far-gone is conscious and very intense(& the intensity changes with the grade of the weed smoked). I personally feel “icky” like if I try to touch my girlfriend and I myself notice(she doesn’t notice it!) an absent-ness that I know was not present before smoking. Like my touch on her skin is more clumsy and I have to try harder to be elegant/smooth about it.

  18. first of all:
    Hi Guy! (from upwards on this forum), you’ve got a lot to learn about the
    the bad and very serious side effects of long-term use of cannabis.
    SERIOUSLY! don’t come citing the bible and peace and love bla bla.
    looks like you are in the first stages of usage, when you are in love with
    the substance.
    i am 36 now, and i have come to admit (painfully), that i must be what is
    called an indigo, and my heart really tells me that i must stay away from
    anything that is not cristal clear conscience. i am already too sensitive,
    and weed turns me TOO MUCH sensitive. everything hurts. there is a real
    risk to the psyche. maybe sensitive people in general, not just indigos,
    should stay away from it. or maybe just not more than a few exploring
    as for the rest of the people, i don’t dare give an opinion. there is people
    who never have problems with it, apparently those who are not particularly
    but in fact my heart says everybody SHOULD stay clean.

  19. advice to all indigo don’t smoke to much
    you may get a bad expirinence even more powerfull even from myxo,lsd 5-MeO-/…
    and lead to big bad trip,of course you always can leave the movie

  20. i dont think mirjuana is a bad thing for indigo adults coz wen it is smoked makes u more aware of situations n make u feel more at home….iv always got this comment that why the heck do u have to b diffrent y cant u b like evry1 else…well i dont kno why bt i like being diffrent than people around….n nw that i know that im an indigo…i still feel im diffrent among all indigos….as of this topic concerning pot

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      If it makes a difference, I often feel like I’m the odd one amongst the indigos because I don’t enjoy or find benefit from using pot.

      I created the post about Indigo Adults and Marijuana over three years ago. The feedback and comments I have been 50/50 in terms of readers being in agreement with what I have written.

      It’s a very personal thing. What I wrote was my experience and only my experience. I feel that I am pretty perceptive when it comes to energy and I wrote my article based on the perceptions I have had with the subject at hand (pot).

      Then intention is to help, but if my words don’t help, chuck ’em.

      You know your own truth better than anyone. 🙂

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo leslie

  21. I’m not sure if this was mentioned, but I find myself unable to discern from what I am feeling through my empathy and what I am myself feeling. Marijuana has a tendency to more or less clear my “emotional plate” it allows me to think and feel my own thoughts and feelings. I wouldn’t say it inhibits my empathy, but allows me the ability to focus it. I have been smoking for some time now and for a long time I was against it on principle. Once I was able to try it and assess it’s affect on me I noticed a marked reduction in mental clutter. Just thought I would add my two cents.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Marijuana actually has the complete opposite effect on me, but maybe in the right environment (like in a natural setting) it would not feel like bombardment to me.

      I have been getting so many comments supporting marijuana use that I actually gave it another shot a few months ago, and it still didn’t feel good. And I felt like some of my abilities had shut off for a week or so, but not in a good way because I in low spirits for the next week.

      If it helps you, then blessed be! I wish it DID have a positive effect on me. I could have used a little help 6 months ago when I was living in Chicago.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  22. Seems to be alot of judgments on your parts… My experience is not anyone elses exp.. If you cannot tolerate the god given herb cannabis, then do not partake. Consuming it can be as natural as eating your breakfast. I am an indigo and i do not check out when i partake. If anything, my abilities increase. Granted not everyone has a tolerance. So before you look down on those who partake from your lofty pedestal and talk about “feeling sorry” you may want to lose the judgement and false pity an realize that your experience is only one of many…

    1. Thanks for your comment, but you missed the first line of my post on this topic:

      First of all, I want to start by saying that all that I am about to say is through personal experience. There are lots of scientific experiments that cover the physical effects of marijuna, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find articles that cover the energetic effects.

      I stand by what I wrote and how I wrote it.

      I could say more from up here on my pedestal (again, I think you are confusing having a pedestal with having an experience-based opinion), but I’ll leave it at that.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  23. Muggles ???? are in a harry potter movie.

    which does not make them real by the way…..

    and is kinda racist and mean when you look @ the idea….

    no magic = no chance

    who says that…

    1. ok. I think you’re putting your own spin on what I’ve written. The intent was to clarify something that is hard to define. I’m sorry you can’t see it that way. It has helped others make the distinction.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  24. i Use To Smoke Alot before. Found out i Was A indigo child i Found That out When i turned 17. so i could handle my trips, now When i smoke After i meditate i Cant handle my trips. It may Sound Weird but. Have mental visions that i remeber from The that Night. So where im Getting at is That it helps me understand more but how ever i cant smoke anymore i can no longer go along with The trips 🙁

  25. You cannot say that the act of smoking closes any chakra. Results vary. Good article though. But when you actually enjoy smoking, and from personal experience on both sides of the topic, one is compelled to believe quite the opp opposite about the heart chakra. Bliss, love, enjoyment, they are valid in us all. Please do not assume many definite finite truth as permanent states of truth. Blessings.

    1. Hi Violet,

      I hadn’t read this article in years and was going to write an update to it, but I just read it again and realized that I feel exactly the same way as I did 6 years ago when I wrote it.

      I might have phrased it differently, though.

      I think that marijuana opens up the 3rd eye but actually makes people LESS empathic (which, yes, is the heart chakra). That’s the reason for the bliss. An empath can get to that same space with meditation but might choose pot because it is easier or more fun.

      I know people from high school who have been using on a daily basis for over 20 years. They are intuitive (3rd eye) but there is a cruelty to them. They make choices that are devoid of emotional empathic caring for others (heart chakra), and they don’t even realize they are doing it because that awareness shut down long ago from smoking so much pot over 2 decades.

      I have watched it happen over the 2 decades I have known them.

      If you have a different experience that is great. I never write to negate anyone’s reality. This is what I have observed.

      I believe I stated at the beginning of the article that the article was written based on my own experience. Your truth may be different.

      Also, my time in Chicago was one of the worst stretches of time in my life. The energy I was picking up on in Chicago was terrible. I couldn’t clear the energy and I was close to suicide. My neighbor shared her pot with me a couple times and I was better. It was good medicine for me at the time because I needed to be less empathic (more close-hearted) in that environment. It also opened me up more psychically (3rd eye) which had other weird ramifications, but those effects felt better than the emotional (heart) empathic information I was picking up on.

      Again, this is purely a description of own my experience. Your experience is probably quite different and I am always open to hearing others’ stories. Feel free to share here or if you want to PM me go to the contact page.

      But either way, thank you for commenting. 🙂

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

      1. I live in Chicago, that might be why weed helps me so much (pls see my other response to your original post I just posted it a minute ago before reading your latest post awesome!)…thank you

  26. Hi – I’m an indigo child who loves weed. It helps me to connect the dots at a higher frequency to identify the problem thus the solution. I believe we have been brainwashed in the United States for decades that marijuana is an illicit drug. There is no scientific data that even allows a person to rightfully compare it to heroine, cocaine, what have you, except that it is naturally occurring herb. As another responder replied earlier no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, because it is medically impossible. Nor is weed physically addictive and the government possesses research that indicates it is medically powerful for a multitude of illnesses and diseases. I agree I become less self-disciplined, but at the same time I’m more efficient because I get the mental portion of a project done more quickly. Also, we now have scientific proof that there is no “alcoholic” gene…I believe everyone has an “addiction” gene it is up to them if they choose to trigger it or not. And alcoholism isn’t a disease, we now know it is a habit that turns into a physical addiction. Peace

  27. Nice to meet another Indigo sister. So happy you are here on earth to help 🙂
    I came across this article about the effects on indigos when they use cannabis.
    I feel as though, you have veered off onto a different path, and lost your way back to the light.
    I just want to enlighten you on a few things.
    I smoke cannabis. That is the correct term for it; cannabis. I live in one of the legal states. In fact, my fiance who I believe is a crystal adult born in the 1980s, because of his nature, his character of his heart, and well he is autistic (we found out a few months ago). And he makes me want to be a better person, in all aspects, including spiritually. ANYWAYS, he smokes with me too. It definitely strengthens our bond deeper, we’re more telepathic than usual. I shield myself from absorbing his emotions and energy everyday. Smoking or ingesting cannabis, yes makes us stoned/high as fuck, but it also relaxes our bodies and calms our minds. I can let my guard down and he helps heal me in a wonderful way. I always feel his love vibration and he feels mine. Its beautiful and cannabis makes sexual intimacy more intense, orgasms are the body shaking…mind blowing. It awakens the kundalini too!
    I completely disagree with everything you said about “muggles” Which I am sure that muggles is some derogatory term from harry potter or something and I really don’t like that term used for people’s souls not born in the indigo ray, and quite frankly our divine feminine mother would be very upset with that term used to describe humans, especially since you are in a human body currently. If it makes them kindhearted that is a great thing! That is what we want, we want people to be compassionate, and we ourselves have to be compassionate to them as well. Which is hard, because a lot of other Indigos are judgmental and some people are so broken that they just suck. And it sickens me. This is not our purpose and by offending those, who aren’t us, is not only belittling to them, its belittling to us as well. It lowers our natural gifts and makes us have a negative mind set, then we can’t live up to our full potential. I understand, people make me frustrated too, and I work around people who are strangers; 5 days a week. But we have to educate those who do not understand, and if they can’t accept with being open, then they simply are too choked up by fear. Fear has done a tremendous job at keeping people from feeling love and compassion. You mustn’t forget that. We are here to educate everyone, to shed the chains of toxic masculine energy, and bring in the postive healing, full of love; feminine energy.
    Secondly, if someone can understand by “Learning” and “Thinking” because this society is very logic based- another masculine quality- the third eye is the best. Humans have forgotten that we are all connected, that they can too, use their third eye. And I believe that all 5 chakras can be open once the third eye is open, and all 5 of them need to be open and balanced before the crown can be available for full usage. I feel the eye and heart must be connected at the same time because they both have to work in harmony. Let’s face it, if the heart and head isn’t connected you can make poor choices in life, judge people too harshly, etc.
    When I smoke and everyone else I know smokes- everyone is relaxed and happy. Allowing their chakras to align and balance.
    I personally release all the stress I endured for the day when I smoke, especially when I listen to kundalini music and other chakra balancing tones. Delta waves for sleeping. Another reason why I love cannibis is, I watched some tv show about cannibis, on vice’s television channel. It talked about the religion of weed, its weed enthusiasts who are christians, were showing some stained glass window panes, because all stained glass windows tell a story, and they were explaining what they were using was indeed cannibis in the pictures. It hit home with me. And why not? They too, were trying to connect to their higher self. Why do you think monks shaved their crown area on their head? Why is it called the crown chakra? Because of the aura field giving off a halo. So smoking cannibis actually does connect all of us to feel that loving, happy, calm sensation that the Divine Feminine already gives us. I know I do all the time, and I miss that intense feeling. This earth is very stressful, judgmental, cruel, and miserable. Fear has dominated it for so long, that the only way to rebel is to be nice. It’s ridiculous.
    Its why those who are addicted to harder illicit drugs,- continue to abuse. They’re trying to get that first high, again. It numbs the pain and they feel better about themselves. It’s very sad, those too could be our Indigo siblings. Who grew up in negative home environments.
    Our world system is broken. The old ways must go. And that includes all the negative thinking and fear that we have absorbed from society. Let’s just do something about it! Let’s change the world and let our crystal and rainbow siblings bring in the new version of human beings and positive feminine energy finally.

    On another note, there are many healing abilities of cannabis. It gets rid of headaches, alleviates stress, aids in sleeping, and gets rid of nausea. Many other things too, like it helps with epilepsy. I recommend watching documentaries on the subject to further your understanding. It will help you grow as a person, an Indigo, and a soul. The goddess has blessed us. Let’s make the world peaceful by more constructive positive ways.

    Thank you, Namaste. Blessed Be.

    1. Ah, there is so much I want to write here.

      First of all, thank you for your comment. I can tell you put some thought into it.

      Let’s start with the marijuana topic. I have actually found that many of the people that I love when they are sober become mean and really insensitive when they are high. So, I don’t agree that suddenly the relaxation evokes a kindness in all people. And if, as you say, “This earth is very stressful, judgmental, cruel, and miserable”, and the people I know are using cannabis to protect their emotions from that, they are also desensitizing their ability to not be judgmental and cruel themselves.

      Again, what I wrote was from personal experience and I do not judge others for using, but I don’t think it helped me. And if others have an energetic system that reacts like mine, then I don’t think it will help them either.

      I also agree that the whole use of the term “muggles” can sound judgmental. Shall I use the analogy of The Matrix? Is that better?

      There are people that “get it” and those that don’t. This has become even clearer since I wrote a lot of that material a decade ago. I guess it has to do with a blend of critical thinking with the nuance of intuition. That is the distinguishing factor and I am not saying to not be compassionate toward the people who do not have that nuance, but to also know that they could hurt you, as an indigo with high critical thinking and intuition, BECAUSE they lack that nuance.

      Compassion is always the right path.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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