PART 4 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Alcohol

This is Part 4 of a 6 part series on Indigo Adults and substances.

Today we well be covering alcohol…

First of all, I want to start by saying that all that I am about to say it though personal experience. There are lots of scientific experiments that cover the physical effects of nicotine, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find articles that cover the energetic effects.

Do indigo adults drink alcohol?

Well… this one does…

This past weekend was Homecoming at my school, so I got a recent and very direct reminder of the effect of alcohol on the indigo mind, body and energetic field.

As opposed to smoking, which I covered in the last post, alcohol actually opens the heart chakra.

That is why when people drink they say things like “I love you, Man” or are more likely to get into fights.

That is also, by the way, why smokers are more likely to be drinkers… because it does the inverse of smoking by opening the heart chakra, giving them a false sense of… well… openheartedness.

Alcohol puts lots of holes in the energy field. Even one drink can allow more “stuff” into your field from your surroundings than would normally be able to get in.

And, unfortunately, for the epath/indigo adult, being around drinkers will affect you more because you are empathically picking up on their energy field (which has more holes because of the drinking) and so not only could you feel inebriated from their presence, but you also may feel that you are picking up more crap from the surroundings just by virtue of being around them.

There is, however, a useful way to use alcohol, that I discovered a few years ago.

While I don’t encourage a regular habit of getting wasted, extreme inebriation will pull crap off of you and leave you cleaner – energetically – if you drink alone and in an energetically clear location.

I know that sounds like a one-way ticket to alcoholism, but a few years ago I was around a lot of people that expected me to carry energy for them. Despite my extreme diligence about clearing my energy field and bubbling whenever I got around them, sometimes they just wouldn’t un-hook.

Oddly enough, and I’m not really sure why, they would stop sticking to me after a night of heavy drinking alone in my apartment.

As a side note, I’m not addicted to drinking and, frankly, since turning 21 have sort of not been interested since the underage thrill was gone, so I have not partaken in the habit much. And I can get that same feeling by just being in the same room with a drunk person, and then still clear my field when it’s time to drive home, so why bother actually taking in the substance?

But in the instance mentioned above, regarding clearing energy of others hooked into me, it helped profusely.

My theory is that they hooked into me because my energy field felt so yummy. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, my energy field sort of lifted them up energetically…

But me being drunk did not feel like something the vampires in my life at that time wanted to hook into, and so, they would unhook. And I would awaken the next day from my evening of inebriation feeling wonderful… not hungover or sick as most people typically do.


Because I wasn’t carrying their junk anymore.

So getting back to Homecoming…

I have found in myself that there are two modes in which I drink.

One is imbibing alcohol for joy. The other is imbibing alcohol to numb out, like with smoking.

Homecoming was obviously imbibing for joy… and yet I still enjoyed the benefits of waking up the next day feeling much clearer energetically than I had in a long time.

Perhaps this is the crap of the people around me that cleared… I’m guessing it is.

Imbibing to numb out… I judge it as not quite as constructive…

It’s like what I said with smoking… A form of self-medication that I consider to be ok for me, as long as it’s short term.

Because ultimately, what is being numbed out is pain and pain is there to tell you something. It’s there to tell you to change something.

But as a temporary short term fix, alcohol might be a doable solution.

I’ve had mentors tell me that alcohol slows down moving through one’s karma and keeps individuals in unfavorable situations longer.

I could see that. Again, it’s a Band Aid, not a solution.

I have also heard that alcohol, along with cigarettes, grounds the energy field… but I don’t agree with that. Cigarettes might, but alcohol doesn’t do that for me.

It actually makes it more likely for me to jump out of my body… (through one of those holes in my energy field, perhaps?)

And while it chemically opens the heart chakra (and often the throat chakra – self expression), it closes the third eye and crown.

This is maybe why alcohol is considered grounding, but I don’t see that because I think people also lose touch with their 1st chakra, and, quite literally, can lose connection with the ground (and then land on their butt seconds later.)

And the unfortunate thing about all the holes in the field is that because the third eye and crown are temporary closed due to the alcohol, the individual… even one such as myself who is typically very aware when something gets into my field, is not able to detect the crap that is getting in until the next day when sobriety hits.

So I would say that if you do use alcohol as an indigo adult, that you either drink in energetically safe surroundings (like at home alone, or with people that have good clean energy) or if you do go out and drink, as I did this Homecoming, to be sure to clear your energy and bubble before you sleep/pass out.

I know this might be challenging, given that you’re… well… drunk… but it will help you feel better in the morning.

Actually, I credit that to why I felt so awesome this morning. Not only did I receive the clearing/unhooking effects of the alcohol from those that tend to hook in on a regular basis, but I also cleared all the crap that might have stuck to me walking around all day in the public in the inebriated state.

Oh, and don’t forget the normal, physical body maintenance… like drinking tons of water…

Hope this helps… Would love to get feedback from other indigo adults and empaths. What have your experiences been?

7 thoughts on “PART 4 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Alcohol”

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  2. as an indigo adult who really wants to stop drinking altogether after 15 years of it, (have only just realised i am an indigo) i see the theory and relate to your experience of lone drinking compared to public drinking. i cannot stand it sometimes as i am a singer in pubs and clubs (this is my form of change and challange for the world, the songs i write and perform) as the empath in me gets overwhelmed. i find my greatest sense of purpose when i go to these places to perform and dont drink, which is where i would be most expected to usually. the waking up in the morning after lone drinking i understand but still think i would be more usefull to the world if it was not something i ver did again. the water thing is a must always. need to move on my purpose with more faith that there is a better way to clear myself.

    1. It’s funny because I’m also in the entertainment world (film) and when I have a lot of attention on me (a film I’m involved in releases or something like that) I start to get a little bit snappish with the people around me. I also used to feel drawn to drinking, and once I made the connection that it was an enormous amount of thought energy coming my way from others, I was able just bear with it and not drink and not get snappish.

      I totally can understand how celebrities can end up with addictions. Aside from the stuff they are conscious about (paparazzi, film releases, public image, etc), they also have to deal with the energetic of being in the public eye.

      I am consciously trying to increase my capacity to have that much thought directed toward me and not get overwhelmed by it. Maybe that is something you can do.

      Another thing that might be happening is an attempt to connect with your audience’s vibration. When I am Designated Driver for my friends, I can feel I am out of vibration with them, but I’d rather be out of vibration than have them risk their safety getting home.

      Finally, it might be your attempt to clear your audience’s energy. I find alcohol useful in this capacity, but it is only occasionally that I use it like this. If you’re doing it a lot over a span of 15 years, that might be something to stop.

      Perhaps you can substitute something else. I find exercise also clears energy. I was actually going to write a full post about this. I have had psychics tell me it doesn’t clear energy, but I find it does. And I find that when I am in great shape, lower energetics don’t stick to me as well.

      Just my 2 cents. I hope that your inspiration and desire for well-being outweighs habits you would like to be rid of.


      Indigo Leslie

  3. I also feel that whenever I was drunken. I believe in some sort of psychic ability, as well as I m experiencing one of them.

  4. Hi! Sorry, huge red flag here, have to point out as a fellow intuitive! Alcohol is awful for anyone, let alone indigos. It blows holes in the aura, and those holes do not close just because one sobers up. Also, it lowers vibration, and leaves one vulnerable to attachments–both astral entities and merely cords and other attachments from others in this world. And drunk sex? *shudders* So unbelievably unhealthy! Complete no! Much love 🙂 I appreciate your blog. Xo

    1. I agree with you and I think I said a lot of that in my post! 🙂

      Here’s the distinction I was trying to make and perhaps I was not clear.

      I will use my friend’s way of describing of how he benefits from psychadelics: “It’s like colon-blow for the emotions.”

      In the same way, I have found that if I have not had any alcohol for a really, really, really long time and then I have one festive night, it clears my energy, probably because I am, as you mentioned, polluting the pool (my energy field) that energy vampires and/or entities might be using for their own benefit that I am not aware of. I could also be releasing my own unhealthy thoughtforms (or even healthy intentions that are dragging me down like a to-do list that I’ll never get to).

      It’s not the best way to clear energy, and maybe I should clarify that in my post… But it does work for me. Maybe not everyone. And only if used very infrequently. It is like colon-blow for the energy field.

      To address the other issue you mentioned of NEW entities attaching… I will clarify some more and say that in really crappy energy (like a night club in an urban setting) this most likely will not clear the energy. It really depends on where one is coming from and where one is when they are imbibing the alcohol.

      Additionally, I never said it was healthy. But I did say (or I am saying it now) that it is what it is. Indigos go in and out of alignment and people do what they need to to get back in alignment. And sometimes something that looks like the unhealthy choice is actually the healthy choice because it changes something that needed to be changed.

      It’s similar to the way eclipses work… the changes eclipses bring don’t always feel good, but the changes are often permanent and there’s no going back afterward, and the change was probably due and opens up new (and hopefully better) energy.


      That being said, alcohol can also really jack up one’s life. But I thought it was important to mention and be truthful that this “unhealthy” habit has helped me along in life, and being indigo gave me the intuition to perhaps use it as a tool and a medicine rather than as a means to self-destruction.

      And while being indigo is being a particular color in our beautiful human rainbow, it does not mean perfect.

      And it is certainly not judging how people find their equilibrium, even if we would not do it ourselves.

      It’s just a tool. And the post was about how I thought it affected the energy field, which for me are not all bad.

      I appreciate that you emphasized the dangers in it, though. It cannot be done carelessly, so thank you for clarifying that.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

      1. The Purple Snail

        Thanks for all the info guys. Guess Indigos no longer deal with their Egos at all tho LOL 😀

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