PART 3 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Nicotine and Smoking

This is Part 3 of a 6 part series on Indigo Adults and substances.

Today we well be covering nicotine & smoking…

First of all, I want to start by saying that all that I am about to say it though personal experience. There are lots of scientific experiments that cover the physical effects of nicotine, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find articles that cover the energetic effects.

I would also like to start by making a distinction between nicotine and smoking.

Nicotine, like caffeine, has been found to have positive effects to those who use the substance in moderation. Some benefits that are being studied include helping ADHD, Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease.

The harm comes in the way that nicotine is typically taken into the body. Smoking is what makes the substance adverse and I will be focusing on that aspect, rather than simply the nicotine.

I have found in myself and others, that people reach for smoking when they want to close off the heart chakra or already are closed down in the heart chakra.

It is no coincidence that I started smoking again in Las Vegas after quitting for 12 years.

It is also no coincidence that literally, the moment I left Las Vegas for Flagstaff, I quit very easily and haven’t partaken in the habit since then, aside for a couple of weeks (1) when I was connecting with the collective where I live (with 2 smokers… they didn’t tell me when I moved in, but it makes sense because I was still addicted to the nicotine and clearing the Vegas energy off of me, I just wasn’t partaking physically in it) and (2) when a few people came to visit from Las Vegas (who are quite open-hearted, but still part of the Vegas collective which is very heart-closed.)

I have used smoking as a way to feel more comfortable in the heart-closed environments. And I do feel that in that case it was much better to do that than to sit it out and experience some very energetically and emotionally painful environments and situations.

But if one is to use smoking in this way, it must be viewed as a temporary form of self-medication, which can be challenging because they say that nicotine is quite addictive and the smoke very harmful to the lungs and body.

The other energetic reason to only use the smoking temporarily is because the toxins from the smoking lower the vibrational energy of the field so much that it makes it more challenging create positive manifestations.

The positive manifestations still happen; they just come at a slower pace.

This is because those with a positive energy field are more likely to be healthy and less likely to come into the realm of a person that is unhealthy. The vibrations just don’t match.

So, it makes sense that coming from Vegas, I would accidentally move in with smokers because I was still vibrating at a lower energetic level from being part of the collective of Las Vegas.

My roommates. living in a cleaner energetic city like Flagstaff but holding lower energy than the general (why, I don’t know), healthy collective of Flagstaff by virtue of their smoking habit, matched well with me just coming out of Vegas.

But now that I have been here a few months and have been a non-smoker for a majority of those months, my vibration has lifted and the collective in the apartment is not comfortable to me.

I am not concerned too much with the discomfort, though, because when my field has thoroughly cleaned itself enough, I will just be joyfully thrust out of the living situation to be in a surrounding that is more healthful.

So my point is that the smoking served me in Las Vegas because it blocked me from feeling the collective of that city, which has a lot of pain and is pretty dark.

Rather than feeling distraught from the city, I chose to self medicate with smoking.

It might have perpetuated my living there for a longer amount of time, but overall I can say that I was pretty happy there (even though I was a bit numb emotionally – translating to a closed heart chakra), except for the moments when I was tapping the collective.

And now that I’m in more healthful, energetically clearer city, I can easily live without it.

And here’s also how I have become acutely aware that smoking lowers the vibrational energy…

One of my housemates goes out of town quite often. When he leaves, not only are do my manifestations come faster, but but they are even better than I expect, and I am also in a better mood and it is much easier to do my Appreciation Exercise and feel the appreciation radiating from me.

The day he returns (or actually about a day before, as his energy arrives before he does) is always a bad day for me. I find it much more difficult to connect with joy and appreciation and my manifestations are clumsy and bumpy.

(BTW, sometimes I don’t know he’s when he’s getting back, but I can tell just by the shift I mentioned in the last paragraph. It’s fascinating how accurate it is.)

And then once he’s back a few days, I raise him up close to where I am (it happens automatically) and then we all feel better that we have similar vibrations (except it’s still hard for me to connect with joy and appreciation and to manifest fast positive manifestations, so I can still feel myself carrying his heavier energy.)

To be more specific about the energetic effects of smoking, I observed my own empathic reaction to his presence.

It’s harder to feel the Appreciation (from the appreciation exercise mentioned earlier) with my typical huge capacity for appreciation when he’s around because, unfortunately, his energy is affecting mine. His closed heart chakra is affecting my energy field (it doesn’t help that his bed is within 10 feet of mine… separate rooms, but I know my energy field is at least 10 feet in all directions, so I often can feel him in his room. UG!)

I might piss a lot of smokers off by saying this, but smoking, especially long-term smoking (as I’m sure my housemate has been doing… he’s quite old) lowers a person’s capacity for joy.

This is the biggest reason to only use smoking temporary… because one’s ability to manifest wonderful and joyful things is in direct connection with one’s ability to feel joy. And the longer and more thoroughly one smokes, the less capacity one has for joy.

And long-term smokers cannot even feel that they are not feeling joy. They are so disconnected from this chakra that on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the ecstatic state – the shamanic joyfulness – I reach this often when I’m on my own) they feel about a 6 and think it’s really good (which for them it is… for them.)

That pretty much sums up my housemate as an example of smoking and how it affects one’s energy field.

As a side note, the actual addictive quality of nicotine can be a challenge to give up, even if the energetic, heart-shielding reasons are no longer present.

I used electric cigarettes to taper off the nicotine addiction. I do not find them to be very effective at shielding my heart chakra (which is good) but it helped with the actual substance addiction.

I now use them on and off. It’s pleasurable and I do not feel that they are particularly harmful (but don’t quote me on that).

They are certainly less harmful than smoking because they lack the tar and other chemicals like arsenic that are in cigarettes.

And I feel that the energetic effects of electric cigarettes (again, self-observed) are minimal to none for me.

I would love kind feedback about this post from other indigo adults and empaths. What have your experiences been when you’ve gotten around smokers?

5 thoughts on “PART 3 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Nicotine and Smoking”

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  2. Every time that I have reached for smoking was when I wanted to close down my heart chakra. I didn’t think that consciously, but that was what I was doing. Thank you for posting this and bringing that to my awareness. Although I’ve never been a regular or heavy smoker, if I was having relationship troubles or felt any kind of heartache, I would want to smoke. It always totally numbed out whatever emotional pain I was feeling. I’ve always been more of a social smoker, the kind that wants a cigarette after a few drinks. But I’m also realizing that perhaps the reason for that is since the alcohol opens the heart chakra, the craving for a cigarette arises because the heart chakra might be too open and the energy too intense so a cigarette will close it and moderate it. After a few drinks I sometimes feel so joyful and giddy, like I could fly away, then I instinctively want a cigarette to ground me. And most times, I can physically feel my vibrational energy being lowered. Sometimes, after just a few puffs, it feels like a giant hand is pushing me toward the ground, a heaviness descends over me. Smoking definitely inhibits positive energy. If I have a few cigarettes, it can take days or even a week until my energy is back up to a “normal” level.

    1. I agree… I got that heavy, pushing-down feeling, too. I didn’t notice how it was effecting my day to day energetic/manifestation life until recently. Very fascinating to me, and very much a deterrent for me to indulge in smoking.

      I forgot to mention this in the post, but it was a Doctor of Chinese Medicine that first pointed out the connection between smoking and the heart chakra closing. But when she said that, just like you, I looked at all the times in my life when I would start to smoke, and it was always as a way to shield myself emotionally.

      Thanks for your comment. Most of my theories are based on a mix of my teachers (like the DCM who taught me acupressure) and my own experience. It’s nice to get confirmation that my theories are not only on par with others’ experience, but also a helpful way framing choices and experiences.

  3. The most interesting thing for me about this blog is that my Shaman from the Rain Forest of Brazil is a world renown tobacco master. Of course he uses cigarettes in Ceremony and I find it puzzling that the plant medicine is so compatible with the Mother Vine plant medicine.

    1. Interesting. That makes me feel that those that use tobacco as a tool are not incorrect in their instinct.

      Thanks for mentioning this.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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