PART 2 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Caffeine

This is Part 2 of a 6 part series on Indigo Adults and substances.

Today we well be covering caffeine…

First of all, I want to start by saying that all that I am about to say it though personal experience. There are lots of scientific experiments that cover the physical effects of caffeine, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find articles that cover the energetic effects (and I’m not talking about the “energetic” in terms of caffeine’s ability to wake you up in the morning.)

Caffeine elevates my emotions (which I think can be backed up scientifically) but also opens me up more psychically.

Unlike other substances, like alcohol, which also opens you up but you don’t feel the opening until you sober up, caffeine opens me up immediately and makes shielding more difficult, despite my best efforts.

If I’m in toxic collective, my urge to drink coffee is much more pronounced. I have much less desire for coffee in Flagstaff than I do in Las Vegas, and in Sedona I almost never drink coffee.

My coffee consumption in Flagstaff depends a lot on how much time I am spending at home (around my smoker housemates). If I’m not home much, I don’t have much urge to drink coffee.

So, for indigo adults, coffee can be useful to balance their own body out in a collective that is more toxic. It will help you match the collective vibration better, which should be more comfortable for you, as long as the thoughts of the collective aren’t too dark.

It’s also a more gentle way to achieve this balance than alcohol or smoking.

Caffeine also can make grounding and staying in one’s body more challenging, though this has never stopped me from indulging. I just need to focus more on grounding if I am heavily caffeinated.

Most of the indigos and empaths I know can safely and comfortably use caffeine.

Finally, coffee and espresso drinks have a more dramatic impact (especially Starbucks), so tea and dark chocolate are good choices if you have trouble grounding but still want to use caffeine to wake up.

caffeine and indigo adults
caffeine and indigo adults

Any indigo adults have thoughts on this? I would greatly appreciate kind and constructive comments…

1 thought on “PART 2 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances – Caffeine”

  1. Wonderful blog! I drink coffee and tea because it doesn’t affect my clairvoyance like Vyvanse and other ADHD medications.

    This is because caffeine isn’t really a brain supplement. It just gives you energy by increasing your blood flow. ADHD medications are man made chemicals that affect your brain. That’s the difference. Anything that is man made should NOT be in your body!

    I strongly advise against energy drinks of any kind because those are not natural and can negatively affect your health.

    I do drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes as well as marijuana, but these things should be done in moderation. I know many indigos who struggle with substance abuse.

    The only side effect to caffeine is that it can cause anxiety. This is the only reason I would tell an indigo NOT to drink caffeine. But at the end of the day it is up for the indigo to decide. So be careful with what you put in your body.

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