Part 2: Indigo Adults Visit for a Weekend

Here is the second part to the email conversation I am having with one of my friends (an indigo adult) who came to Sedona to visit a couple weekends ago…

You know, I was thinking about what I wrote last night and actually sort of regretted implying that Vegas was more negative than Flag or Sedona.

In changing up my answer, I’d say it’s just different. I was not as psychically open in Vegas, which in some ways was a VERY good thing for me because I was able to do a lot more than I would here.

Also, after being at school for over 50 hours this week, I’m noticing that while people are quite centered here, they’re also somewhat somber. At least on campus.

I said to one student, “You guys are pretty serious here. I’m 10 years older and I’m much wackier. If I come here in character, you guys will think I’m nuts.”

He responded, “Yeah, we are pretty serious here. But there’s a lot of weird people in Flagstaff so if you’re going to do it, this is a good place. No one will judge it or anything too much.”

*** As  a side note, I’m finding that I’m equally adept or even more adept at computers than many of my younger counterparts. Percentage-wise, I think there are more indigos around me than there were when I was in school around people my age (10 years older- born in 70’s), but it’s not as many as I expected.  Maybe my major doesn’t draw indigos adults, but I would think that film and television production would, given that it offers the chance for the indigo adult to have a massive societal impact and voice.  And it’s a lot of technical stuff which also is a draw to me as well as many other indigos I have met.  ***

That was somewhat comforting, but I’m finding it difficult not to be serious with everyone else.

*** Again, that’s the empathic side to being indigo.  Even before I talk to anyone in Vegas, I can feel my comedic side start to emerge from the bush it has been hiding under. ***

What usually happens is something will happen and I’ll start laughing because I’ll see the funny in it, and then everyone will be staring at me in dead silence. Which just cracks me up even more.

Anyway, thanks for giving me the space to vent. I actually really, really like all the people that I’m meeting, and I think things will lighten up with everyone as the semester goes forward.

On a different note, interesting about your meditation. I can feel when things are sticking to me, too. I usually create a “bubble” around me (again, I know this sounds wacky, but…) and say “all energy that is not my own, I command you out of my field.” I try to do this once in the morning and once at night. When I do it on a regular basis, I become so acute about outside energy that I can actually feel it pull out of my field.

I don’t write about this much because I think that people would think I was nuts or making it up. But when I started to learn about it, it explained a lot of weird stuff that used to happen to me as a kid.

*** Well, I don’t write about this much to my muggle friends and associates, but I obviously write about it a lot here.  This is why I have kept a pen name so far. ***

PS: We’re also in Mercury Retrograde and that tends to affect people a lot, too… especially just before it (which coincided with you trip.) You may also want to say, “All planetary energy, I command you out of my field.” This will keep Merc Retro energy to a minimum.

Any opinions from indigo adults or other psychic minds?  Are you an indigo on line that has written about anything relating to this topic? Leave comments, kind words, links to your related site, etc below…

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