PART 1 of 6: Indigo Adults and Substances

This is part one of a six part series that will look at the use of substances by indigo adults.

I am reluctant to use the word “drugs” because food can be a mood altering drug for many indigo adults.

For example, maca is wonderful for me unless I am around grouchy people. It opens me up more (very similar to if I only eat raw food), so when I get around my smoker roommates, I am more acutely aware of the toxicity in their bodies and therefore become more moody.

So I use denser foods to come into alignment with their toxicity. It makes living there more tolerable, though I am attempting to move out because a non-smoking empath living in a house full of smokers means that not only am I elevating their energy field (as we will learn in part 3 of this series), I am healing them and, despite my best efforts, carrying some of their poor health.

Food with lots of toxins in them is a substance for most people… especially indigos. Foods that are very processed or have a lot of chemicals in the will illicit bad moods and negative feelings in many indigo adults and children that I know. In the situation with my housemates, though, it is actually helping because it it helping me to match their more toxic vibration.

Other examples of “substances” that are substances to indigo adults and non-indigos (but not considered official “substances”) are crowds, the collective of crowds, water quality, TV, electric radiation, etc…

I won’t be writing about all of these. But part 1 of this series is just meant to have you be aware of factors when looking at the indigo adult experience…


Indigo Leslie

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