Part 1: “Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left to Lose”… A Post About Stuff and Physical Belongings

indigo adults and clutterThis is a quote from a Janis Joplin song, but it was one of my mom’s favorites when I was growing up.

She would quote it when I said that I wanted more freedom as a teenager, and she liked using it because it gave freedom a negative connotation and it was her only argument as to why it was bad to have freedom.

This quote has been going through my head lately in relation to my own physical belongings.

I recently moved out of Chicago and sold all of my furniture.

After selling a piece, I found that a bit of sadness would come over me briefly. I believe it was from being energetically attached to the furniture. I’m like this with clothing, too.

Additionally, because my time in Chicago was not happy, I acquired these belongings as a way to fill my life and used physical objects to feel stable in a very unstable and unkind experience.

I was aware that the feelings of sadness were not necessarily a negative sign and found great joy in releasing the furniture after the initial sad feelings passed.

Devoid of all belongs except what I could fit in my car, I felt free, as the Joplin quote indicates.

Two days later I was at my parents’ house and I realized that there is a ton of stuff that is mine that is still at her house.

The weight of these objects immediately made their energetic presence known to me.

(To be continued)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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