Part 1: Clearing your Energy Field, How Indigo Adults and Children can Feel Better in 10 Minutes or Less

Indigo Adults: How to feel better in 10 minutes or less:  No drugs, doctors, or medication

THIS IS PART 1 of 2 of the report series: Indigo Adults and Their Energy Field

Occasionally, as indigo adults, we find ourselves with a bad headache or migraine, or feelings or urges that are a typical of our normal M.O.

Perhaps our back is aching or we feel unusually tired in the middle of the day. We haven’t had a drink of alcohol in years, yet we have the sudden urge to stop for a bottle of whiskey (true story… happened to me a few years ago.)

Sometimes even long-standing physical ailments can be related to our electromagnetic energy field.  This field can be affected by the environment, the foods we eat, the people we interact with, and the way we think.

Before running to a doctor, try this simple energy clearing exercise.

1.    Sit in a quite place with good posture and your feet firmly planted on the ground, shoulder width apart.
2.    Set the intention.  What would you like to heal?  Headache?  Backache?  Upset stomach?  Set in your mind and intention stated in the positive:  “My intention is to bring comfort and relaxation to my neck and shoulders.” (Don’t say, “I want to get rid of my backache,” because what your brain hears is “backache”.)
3.    Take a deep breath in.  As you exhale, allow any tension you are feeling to release out of your feet into the ground.
4.    Take another deep breath in.  As you breathe out, imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet, deep into the center of the earth.  It may take several breaths to visualize the roots deep into the center core of the earth.  At the center of the earth, there is a glowing, golden yellow substance (think lava).  You want the roots to wrap around and penetrate this lava center.
5.    Once your roots are firmly established, take another deep breath in and imagine that glowing yellow energy from the lava pull up through your roots.  Visualize that energy coming up through your feet and legs.  When it reaches your genital area, imagine a red, glowing energy emanating from this space.  Feel this energy expand with every breath.
6.    Once this field has expanded quite a bit, allow the lava energy to move up to your belly, about two inches below your bellybutton, where there will be and orange ball of energy emanating.  With each breath, allow the lava energy to assist in expanding this orange field.
7.    Then allow the lava energy to move up to the bottom of the sternum.  This is a yellow energy.  Allow it to expand.
8.    Continue to breath the lava energy into a green ball of energy at your chest.  Allow this energy to expand.
9.    The lava energy then continues up your spine into your throat.  At your throat there is a blue energy ball.  Breathe the lava energy through the other energy fields into the throat and allow that blue energy field to expand.
10.    Do the same for the space between your eyes.  There is a lavender/indigo energy here.  Imagine the lavender ball glowing and expanding.
11.    Then the lava energy moves up to a violet ball of energy above your head.  Allow this field to expand.  Then the lava energy moves up all the way up, to the infinite sky. Above your head, it turns into a silver cord, connecting the top of your head with the heavens.
12.    With your next breath in, pull a white energy downward from the heavens.  Allow it to pass, gradually, through all the energy fields you expanded with the lava energy.  The energy you pull down should feel cool and cleansing, and should add to the radiance of each energy ball.
13.    Continue to pull the energy down to your feet and into the earth… Through your roots (that you created earlier) into the core of the earth.
14.    Eventually, you are breathing energy from the heavens into the center of the earth.  You are a clear conduit of energy between heaven and earth.
15.    Now imagine you are in a bubble, 10 feet in all directions.  Choose a color for the bubble that feels good.  You can change the color of the bubble each time you do this exercise.
16.    Put a shield around the bubble.  You can have it look however you want it to, as long as it feels like a strong, invincible shield.
17.    Now you are to clear the energy from your bubble.  State the following (preferably out loud, but mentally is ok if others are around):  “All energy that is not my own, return with love and light back to source.”  Some people will feel energy pulling off of them.  If you close your eyes, you can visualize the energy leaving your bubble and returning to wherever it came from.  Then say “All planetary energy, return with love and light back to source.”  Again, visualize the energy leaving.
18.    This is also when you may feel the discomfort you were feeling earlier evaporate from your body.  If it does not, think of any interaction that may have occurred (particularly ones that didn’t feel so good) that might need specific clearing.  Or if anyone is thinking about you strongly, particularly in a negative way.  You may want to say things like, “All energy of _________ (insert co-worker’s name here) return with love and light back to source  (or back to _________).”  “All energy from the freeways return with love and light back to source.”  Even if it is people who have strong positive thoughts about us… it’s still their energy and their intentions for us that we could be carrying around.  “All energy of my mother’s return with love and light back to source.”
19.    Take a few more breaths in, and imagine any remaining discomfort being released through your roots into the core lava energy of the earth.  You should feel more grounded and more mentally clear.

This might take a bit of time while your learning it, but once you are clear on the stages of this visualization, you will find it is fast and easy to run through and will serve you immensely.  I recommend you run through this process once in the morning upon waking and once in the evening before retiring.  You will gradually become more sensitive to the energy you are running through your system, and will be able to detect when you are carrying other people’s energy.  You will then immediately call out that energy and it must leave your field when you request it to do so.  (Example:  “Ah, my right knee is aching.  I always get this feeling after I’ve interacted with Tom.  But I haven’t seen Tom today.  He must be thinking of me.  Okay.  Well, I will clear it now.  ‘All energy of Tom return with love and light back Tom.’  Knee feels better.  Great!”

Grounding your energy also helps when you are nervous, stressed or tired.  It will connect you with the infinite energy of the universe, and will help you to perform much better physically and mentally.

I recommend this process not only for indigo adults and children, but for everyone, including muggles that are willing to try it.

Part 2 of this series will be posted soon and is about Callling Back Your Own Energy.

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