Ow, my Aching Head! Someone’s Thinking About this Indigo Adult

He’s thinking of me…

I know he is.

How do I know? My head hurts. Like, MASSIVE headache.

But I’m hydrated, haven’t eaten anything weird in the last 48 hours, and have no reason to have a head ache.

Except that I know that whenever I am about to see him I usually start to get a headache about 24 hours beforehand.

And nausea. Lots of nausea.

It’s unfortunate because there are some people in my life whom I love… and I mean I LOVE… them, yet it’s hard for me to interact with them because our vibration is so different.

My field starts to acclimate about 24 hours beforehand, but that acclimation can sometimes feel like a trauma to the body.

I can usually clear this away with an energy grounding and clearing exercise, but with him I can’t. He has a powerful mind and presence. He is an indigo adult and such a beautiful light in this world. And he’s a powerful thinker… When his thoughts are on me, I know it immediately and completely.

In considering this topic some more, I actually think it is the heaviness around him that is what I am feeling. It’s in his field from his surroundings. It’s not him.

That’s just a hypothesis. I don’t really know for sure.

Either way, it creates an interesting effect.

If you ever pick up on aches, pains or strange feelings in your body but don’t know where it’s coming from, you could potentially be reacting to someone’s thoughts being on you.

Have any psychic minds or indigo adults reading this had any experiences like this? Please share…


Indigo Leslie

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