One Indigo Adult’s Opinion of Las Vegas…

I’m going to pretend that this is the first day of school an
that the teacher had one of those assignments about summer vacation, but that
this assignment was about “What I learned Spiritually as an Indigo Adult in Las

Kind of weird title, but just go with it for now.

I, generally, have learned to focus to stay in my body. It
has taken me a while, and in very spiritual places it is even more challenging.

When I arrived in Vegas last January, I was asking from the
universe a bit of relief from my typical, intuitive ways.  I don’t need to always feel what such
and such is thinking or that such and such a person spoke of me with this
vibrational energy last week.


Vegas was perfect for me. 

It was actually kind of cool because while I found that I
was much less psychically sensitive there, I also became guided to a lot of
inner desires that had been long-held by me.

So my ability to manifest (the things that I wanted)
increased while my psychic “hearing” went down.


As it is a city based in fulfillment of things of the
physical reality… Sex, money, booze… 
I was able to stay pretty grounded there.

Actually, there’s a different kind of ungroundedness there,
and I haven’t been able to fully put my finger on it or the benefits and
disadvantages of being in it (at least for me).  I think it’s rooted in the collective that comes to Vegas
and drinks heavily, which I’m not sure whether it is ungrounded or just numbed

After a few months I started to notice that I would approach
the Strip and my energy level would go up and I would feel really happy, so
that is the predominant collective there. 

But then I would start to drive home and I would feel like
crying.   Weird. I was not sad
and had no reason to be sad.

Maybe it was just coming down from that collective that is
drunk and happy on the strip.  The
locals were mostly sober and happy, I found, so again, Vegas left some question
marks for me energetically.

One of the most interesting things was my femininity really
came out. 

I am like most indigo adults… or at least the typical
profile they give indigos.  I am
female and straight, but I have a pretty balanced demeanor in terms of what
society deems masculine and feminine.

For example, leadership comes naturally to me.  People look to me for leadership and I
enjoy playing that roll because I feel that that is how I can serve the people
around me best

That is not, however, the typical, societal roll for most
women, especially in the field that I am in (entertainment).

Anyway, I found myself in more skirt, high heals, and in
general caring more about the look of my physical body more than I ever had in
my life.

Some might say it is bad, but it is an aspect of me, equal
in value to the non-physical aspect, at least while I am in physical form, and
so I think that was a very powerful and positive influence that Vegas had on

I became comfortable with saying to the universe “I want to
feel beautiful.”

I used to consider that request to the universe below me
spiritually, but I understand now that it was not.

What I learned was to see myself as beauty and to see my
beauty and be grateful for the beauty that I already have, and thereby send
myself in the direction of greater beauty.

Thank you Vegas.

And thank you teacher for assigning this essay.

“What I learned Spiritually as an Indigo Adult  Ok Class!  Anybody else have their essay today?  Please post it below in the comments

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