One Breath One World: Unity Consciousness in relation to Indigo Adults

Hello Indigo Adults!

How was your 11-11-11?

I participated in the One Breath One World event, and it got me thinking about unity consciousness.

Normally, I’m like, “Yay unity consciousness!” but it has been coming up so much lately that it made me really want to analyze what that meant.

At the beginning of the One Breath One World event, the gentleman leading the event said a few things when I logged on that I didn’t care for, and it kind of upset me for the rest of the event.

indigo adults unity consciousness

Someone in the audience didn’t agree with what he was doing and the leader of the event cursed at him.

Then he realized he had a very human moment in front of not only the 2000 live people he was standing in front of, but also the 3000+ people that had tuned in via Internet.

At first I was sorry for posting about his event, because I only want to inform other indigo adults to events that will uplift and empower themselves or help in the improved wellbeing of self/planet/universe.

But his behavior gives me the opportunity to explore and post about unity consciousness.

My initial reaction was that the gentleman’s energetic veil had been lifted and he was a fraud. But I felt into him and that’s not what I was getting. Nor am I getting any sort of god complex (though I sense a somewhat larger than usual ego).

I sense his intention is pure, so I continued with the ceremony, via my internet connection.

But my next reaction was interesting… I heard myself, the empathic indigo, tell myself, that guy is clearly stressed – “Do you really want unity with a guy who is cursing at someone while standing in front of 5000 people?”

So I started to shield myself.

And then I thought, “Well, if you are putting up your empath shields, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of this unity consciousness ceremony?”

My brain just checkmated itself.

I don’t know what to think about all of this “unity consciousness” which sounds like a good idea, but the world is energetic soup already. Anyone who is empathic can tell you that. Everyone’s energy is getting on everyone else and maybe we need to be clearer about our energy. Or at least acknowledge energy.

And I don’t want everyone running around just like me, because how will I learn and expand myself if everything is the same?

I think people call for “unity consciousness” because that’s where we came from when we were in non-physical form.

“Unity Consciousness” sounds like the epitome of pure. It is in many of our remembrances before we came to earth as a pretty swell state to be in.

Lord knows I yearned for it (to go “home” as many like to refer to it) for a very long time.

But at some point I realized that I’m here and I’m staying here because I’m not going to kill myself to leave, and I believe that our time of death is decided before we are born.

I believe we write the major parts of our life and the lessons to be learned on this planet before we are in physical form.

And since I don’t know how long I’m staying, I might as well make the best of it while I’m here!

I have strong tendencies to reach up into the ethers and meditate on what I want to manifest with steely determination, which works when I’m non-physial form, but is really only half-effective on this planet.

So I have decided to do my best to stay grounded, and have start to make friend with and think about earthly things like money and physical beauty and sex and to enjoy my physical senses.

For that reason, I have been shying away from massive meditations like One Breath because meditation takes me out of the body.

However, One Breath Meditation (or 9Breath) focuses on the physicality of the meditation therefore keeps me in my body better than many other meditations.

So I decided to stay with the 11-11-11 ceremony.

I kept my shields up. Especially in regard to the gentleman leading the ceremony. He might have a pure intention, but at the moment I was watching him on the internet, he was in a state that I didn’t want to pick up myself or amplify across the universe (as that was part of the ceremony).

When we focused on people, places, etc (like conflict in the Middle East), I didn’t want to mesh with the energy because I am training myself not to do that, but I can give my love and prayers for healing without intentionally being a channel to ground the pain of that area.

Up until a couple months ago this is what usually happens and I figured out I did this because lately I have been crying hysterically every time I saw violent clips from Occupy Wall Street. I would cry despite being in a chipper mood before watching the clips. And it didn’t feel like it was mine. It felt like it was in the collective.

What I think will help this planet and its inhabitants the most is the recognition of the energetic side of life, and prayers of love and healing for self, others and planet.

That was my intention with One Breath One Life, and I’m glad I stayed because I did feel shifts… real shifts within myself and within the energy of the planet and her inhabitants. And it was a good shift. It will take a little while for it to reverberate into the physical, but it was a good shift.

Imagine how awesome and powerful it would be if everyone who participated in the global 11-11-11 events meditated as powerfully and lovingly and focused as they did on 11-11-11.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold.

Do any other indigo adults have stories from their experiences of 11-11-11. Do you buy this stargate stuff that people keep talking about? What’s your opinion on Unity Consciousness?

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