New Indigo Adults Revelation/Harry Potter Analogy

This weekend I had yet another experience that reiterated why Flagstaff is so good for me…

You know how in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry and Hermione had a tent that made their location undetectable except when they said Voldemort’s name?

That is Flagstaff for me.

It is my tent and my protection.

There’s just something about this city…

I have had someone around me for my entire life and this is someone who has always considered me to be pretty worthless because I’m different.

A muggle through and through, but an Uncle Vernon, the kind of muggle that not only does not understand the magical world of indigo adults and children, but ignorantly despises this world and is quick with venomous words in regards to it.

Growing up around this, and being an empath, all I kept hearing was “you suck” but it was coming from outside of me. It was coming from my own personal Voldemort.

The unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate) complication is that I love this person dearly, and she has many endearing qualities to her. She just has a script pointed at me that says “worthless”.

So in the past, I was not able to distinguish between my own voice, which generally says that life is good and that I’m powerful, good and whole, and the voice coming from my Voldemort saying the opposite.

Being in Flagstaff and Sedona for a month, I got clear on my own voice again. My life is so full of positivity here, and this is who I truly am.

Getting on the phone with Voldemort this weekend, and being told things that do not mesh with who I really am, I was easily able to determine that not only within this conversation was I being told (not verbally, but telepathically) that I’m no good, but my entire life I’ve been hearing it. Again, not overly… Not out loud… But every time Voldemort’s attention was on me.

Can you imagine being able to accomplish anything when one of the people closest to you, and therefore loudest in your head telepathically, is saying all those negative things?

I am flashing to the scene at the end of the 5th Harry Potter movie, in which Dumbledore and Voldemort battle it out. At the end of the battle, Voldemort does the most insideous thing he could possibly do, which was get inside Harry’s mind and torture him with cruel word and thoughts.

I have had my moments of writhing on the floor in pain from the thoughts and images coming at me from outside of me.

This is why I have learned to shield so diligently and why I believe that all indigo adults and children need to learn how to do this to maintain their vitality and well being.

The comforting aspect of this revelation is that

1. I know now these thoughts are not mine. They never were and they never have to be again. I live in a world of joy, positivity, abundance, support, peace, and love. That is what I am creating and vibrating and sending out to the universe.

2. I am safe if I stay in Flagstaff/Sedona. I have never found that to be true anywhere else, but I have actually seen these cities bounce people out that do not belong. Those that are not aligned with higher vibrations, or aspire to align with higher vibrations find it very difficult to stay here. My ex-boyfriend, a Petunia, got lost in Sedona three days in a row and would have never found even one of the vortexes if I had not shown him the way.

I’d like to end this piece by saying thank you to all of my friends, neighbors, animals and mentors that I have found here in Flagstaff that have reflected to me the powerful and good person that I am. I am so grateful that I am here now. That I am safe. That I am surrounded by like-minded people. And that my life is just going to continue to get better and better as time goes on.

They may not read this, but they will feel my vibration and thought subconsciously.

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